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Southwest Winter Squash Soup

This recipe, courtesy of Laurie McIntosh, was one of the dishes at the Seasonal Sides Cooking Class last year.  It sure is soup season.  Delicious! For 8 servings 2 medium winter squash (~4lbs) 3 tbsp olive oil Salt & Pepper 2 white corn tortillas, torn into large piecers 4 carrots, chopped 1 red onion, chopped 1 […]

southwest winter squash soup one bowl

Mexican Slaw

Late summer just asks for tacos.  This colorful slaw has been a big hit at Taco Nights! It makes full use of the abundance and diversity of late summer veggies. Ingredients 10 medium carrots, shredded 1 large cucumber, julienne 1 summer squash, julienne 1 red pepper, julienne 1 green pepper, julienne 1 jalapeno pepper, minced […]

purple peppers and carrots at farmstand

Carrot Soufflé

  Another recipe tested on farmers for lunch, and it got a thumbs up all around.  We found the carrot souffle particularly nice paired with some spicy items — we had a spicy dressing on a salad, but with a spicy meat dish it would be great too. Ingredients 3lb Carrots 3 Tablespoons Lard/Butter 1 […]

carrot souffle 1 pan

Root Vegetable Bread Pudding

What a great different way to enjoy the early spring abundance of eggs along with the solid staples of our root veggies!  Thanks Donna for another great recipe idea. 4 C root vegetables (I used beets and carrots) 1 1/2 C Onions – chopped 1 clove garlic – crushed Salt and pepper Thyme Lard 1 […]

Slice through for Root Veggie Bread Pudding

Zanahorias Aliñadas (Marinated Carrots)

The bounty of carrots and this mild weather has us craving this great carrot dish we discovered a few years ago…not quite pickled, but not quite cooked carrots, but all delicious!  This was  part of our first Tapas Farmhouse Lunch we served to a group from Norwich and we repeated it with others groups.  No […]

marinated carrots

Carrot Harvest

The harvest of the storage carrots has begun and they are gorgeous!  It seems some of our changes this year are paying off including the bed shaper, biochar and foliar feeding. Carrots are one of those elusive ones during the growing season. Not only are they underground, but due to carrot rust fly they also […]

darienne harvesting carrots

Root Vegetable Latkes

There are loads of recipes for root veggie latkes, here is just one as a starter from Rachel Levine did a great piece in Huffington Post and encourages some fun spicing options. Mark Bittman has recipes for ones with potato & beets, but potato and carrot would work super well too, we have even just used […]

Our Turnip Potato Latkes fried in lard...yummm!

Carrot & Beet Salad

or if you are feeling Parisian, Carrottes et Betteraves Râpées   from Chocolate & Zucchini, a great food blog from a Parisian. Clotilde notes, “I’ve written this salad into a recipe below, because that’s what food bloggers do, but the truth is I never make it twice the same way.” And this is also great with […]


Fresh Radish & Carrot Salsa

This week a recipe from one of our members, Lindsey Slattery. Check out this recipe and her thoughts on it and lots of other great recipes on her beautiful blog: Cook Well. Eat Better. Live Happily.   cooking, playing, parenting… all to the best of my ability! at   We were inspired by her recipe for […]

Farmers' version of Lindsey's Radish-Carrot Salsa, yum!

Carrot “Fries” with Mint

From Straight from the , her blog “Not Quite McDonalds…” From the author, ” Now, I’m not gonna lie to you…these aren’t nearly as, um, addictive as McDonald’s version.  Really, what baked food can truly compare to its fried counterpart…  That being said, carrot fries are very similar to sweet potato fries – what they […]

Photo from Straight from the