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Tostada Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing

From Moosewood Daily Specials (more or less) When summer brings warm temps, we crave salad based meals and we think of our Cilantro Lime build your own mexican inspired salad. This is one of our favorites and it ends up a bit different every time depending on what is in season and in our pantry. And other dressings […]

cilantrolime dressing

Napa Cabbage Salad

Sometimes a Napa Cabbage can be a bit overwhelming…but just peel it down a bit and chop it up and it has the delightful crunch of romaine lettuce but some of that lovely Napa flavor.  This is a great cabbage raw or cooked…for this season consider this salad.  When my sister-in-law serves it there is […]

napa salad

Kale Caesar Salad

Fall kale is the sweetest, post frost, but spring kale is the most tender.  We have even been just chopping the rib/stems up thin and adding them to our kale dishes, whether they are cooked or raw as a salad. Often, we do a vinaigrette with kale (lots of options here), but had a taste […]

red russian kale

Heirloom Tomato Plum Basil Salad

This one’s…mandatory.  It’s…euphoric, delightful, the perfect lip-smackin’, no-lettuce-needed salad for summer. Though on a bed of lettuce or arugula it would be lovely! Some of Mari and Laura’s friends introduced us to this dish with peaches a few years ago, and yowza! are we glad for it, but now having fresh farm plums as well […]


Creamy Basil Dressing

The basil is gorgeous and prolific and this may be my new favorite dressing.  There are definitely variations possible depending on your mood and ingredients on hand! We taste tested a few at farmer lunch and settled on a hybrid, which will be part of our Summer Farm Dinner!   Ingredients 1 cup packed fresh […]

Basil 43

Fennel and Cucumber Salad

I came across this recipe recently and it just looked and sounded so lovely, fresh and crisp!  In the past few years my appreciation of fennel has grown notably and I find it a really great salad addition, whether a veggie salad or a  chicken salad.  I think this might also be great on a […]

Fennel Cucumber Salad photo from JoyofKosher

Weasel Understands Loving What is Plentiful

“This could be our revolution,” writes Alice Walker, “to love what is plentiful as much as what is scarce.” Walker’s poem We Alone could be useful in light of the fact that due to vacillating temperatures and other factors three successions of head lettuce plantings have matured at the same time! We’ve been grating and […]

Photo by Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Lettuce Cups & Wraps

Inspired by the beautiful heads of lettuce coming in from the field and some delicious Thai Larb salad Chef Lee Duberman made with our pork a few years ago…     Lettuce Wraps or kale if you must! Google it and you get a beautiful set of images of delicious meats, veggies and salads served up in the cup of […]

thai laab kale

Kale Salad

Last summer for the first time I really embraced Kale Salad.  I must admit I was a kale salad skeptic at one point, and I like kale.  But now, I am a full convert.  This past weekend, with Kale plentiful, I started my binge again.   Crisp, yet tender and it just feels like I […]

kale salad

Carrot Salad

This is Lauren’s favorite way to do carrots.  As simple as it gets, but somehow a departure in flavor from other carrot recipes that may have you burned out on beta carotene by March. So here’s to changing it up and sticking with these nutrient dense roots! Its a traditional staple for the French (“salade […]