Sautéed Kale-sparagus

Sometimes Mari’s ideation gets us in trouble, sometimes it opens great doors.  One year ago, it was the latter and we are excited that the moment in time for Kale-sparagus has arrived. We introduce a Spring ephemeral on the farm – Kale-sparagus.  Tender, succulent, delicious fast growing shoots of the Kale plant heading to flower. […]

Tomato Pesto Frittata

A little flashback of a recipe Penelope made for us years ago that somehow never got published.  This grey, snowy, icy Spring when many are dreaming of summer seemed like just the moment.  A touch of summer flavors while we are waiting for Spring and Summer. Whipped this up the other day for farmer lunch […]

Red Velvet Brownies

Adapted from Vegetarian Times This is always a favorite and perhaps this end of winter/beginning of Spring temps and sugaring season make a warm mug of maple milk and a red velvet brownie seem like the perfect treat, here is this farm favorite!   To those of you who haven’t yet sampled these gems at […]

Avga me Domates: Eggs on a Bed of Tomatoes

In Greek: αυγά με ντομάτες, pronounced ahv-GHAH meh doh-MAH-tess. This is a quick and simple dish to make, and the tastes are fabulous. The tomato is cooked in oil until its liquid has cooked off, and a sauce remains; the eggs go on top. Serve with fresh bread to soak up all the delicious sauce.  We […]

Pickled Eggs

  With our current egg surplus, eggs have again become a central part of every meal on the farm and we have all been rejoicing at the return of the hard-boiled egg snack. Perfectly sized to tide you over and packed full of good nutrition, keeping hard-boiled eggs on hand is a no-brainer. Still, removing […]

Maple Egg Custard

Thanks to our friends at Vermont Network who were here for a meeting, we tested out a new egg based dessert, this Maple Egg Custard.  Safe to say it was a hit, even called addictive by some.  Yet simple and truly a low sugar dessert.  We can’t wait to try it with some fruit inside […]

French Roasted Onion Soup

With it feeling more wintry, it is a reminder to enjoy the cozy day meals, like French onion soup!  There are still lots of onions to sliced up and caramelize….perhaps into soup? And don’t those French know how to do it right! Adapted from Moosewood Daily Specials We love the warmth of French Onion Soup. […]

Chicken Tomatillo Soup

We have been so enjoying cooking with our canned tomatillos, including the tomatillo sauce that already has some onions and garlic in it, that we flashed back on this soup, which we haven’t made in ages. Recipe adapted from A Communal Author noted, “This soup makes a great change from the usual tomato based chicken soups […]

Schwarma Goat

One of our favorites from Weinstein & Scarbrough’s cookboook, Goat (so clear)!  It meets some of the criteria we love — easy, simple and delicious.  We do some simple adaptations as we aren’t purists…but love the spice on this, tasty but not too hot. And we have found you can skip and/or sub a spice […]

Pumpkin Soufflé

  Fancy appearance, yet really easy.  And a fun, light treat.  They are pitched as dessert, but they are so light they could be anytime.  Or you could go purely savory with a carrot soufflé. (And use the entire egg!)   1.5 cups pumpkin purée (or squash purée) 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tsp each of […]

Pumpkin souffle