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Photo of the Week

Some of our more enthusiastic young shoppers getting their veggies at the farmstand! We love sending our healthy, fresh veggies home with everyone, but it does warm our heart an extra bit to be feeding lots of young growing kids. Thanks Zoe, Graham and Becca & Nathan too!  


The sun is getting so much stronger and days longer… but darn some of the days and lots of the nights have been severely cold! We’ve got some wonderfully bouncy and big goat kids but their early hours have required much more of us than usual. Lots of hypothermia bucket baths and blow dries and […]

Eyes on the Sky

Late moon rises combined with the clearest and crispest of nights made it hard not to notice the sky earlier this week. And last week it was the full moon which drew our attention. Humbling and beautiful stuff!  But different than farmers of old and indigenous people everywhere, when it comes to planning our activities […]

Sweet & Sweetness: Sugaring Season Brunch, Workshops & Goat Kid Love

Sunday, March 23rd 9 am to Noon           Brunch, Goat Kid Love and Maple Sugar Candy Workshop & Syrup Demos Join Floating Bridge Food and Farms at our farm for an authentic Sugaring Season Brunch  AND get some goat kid love! Breakfast/Brunch available from 9 am to Noon Enjoy a traditional […]

Starting the Seasonal Transition

This week, the farm started the transition from the depths of winter (which truly can be a bit blissful, with the year’s major workload seeming to be far, fa r, away) towards spring.  Now many of you felt that too probably with last weekend’s springy temps, but perhaps with more longing and joy than some […]


This week’s farm story comes to us from Carrie Abels, who is working with us a bit this summer.  Carrie is also the editor of and Local Banquet, both wonderful resources about sustainable and local food.    After a few contractions and no progress — save for a tiny hoof that was visible, then not visible, then […]

Baby Animal Alert!

For the past week, one lucky lady has been the center of many a farm discussion. While she was lounging in the sun, getting back scratches from farmers, and out nibbling on grass, we were all asking–when is Takamba going to kid? As her due date came and went, we began checking in on her […]

Meet the Mountain Goats

Ok, they are dairy goat kids, but with mountain names, this year’s theme.  Nine have arrived so far, with 1 or 2 more does due this week and then the Boer goat does are due in April. Plenty more goats, piglets and poultry to name this year so do send in your name suggestions in the […]

Ode to the Kids

This week we say goodbye to the goat kids born on some cold late winter days at the end of February and early March. Goat kids tug on the heartstrings for many people.  Our vet has called them perhaps the cutest animals around, and I think she has said it is a good thing due […]

Kids and MORE Goat kids

Six have delivered so far. Two more to go this month and then Jenga and Martha will deliver this summer. Ingrid led the 2nd wave of births with two, a male and female. The female has the cutest little tiny ears, typical of La Mancha goats. Grace was the next to deliver. Mari did the […]