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Embracing THIS Vermont Spring?

As farmers we have somehow learned to work with and around the weather.  We obsess over the weather, truly, and sometimes wish, hope and even plead for certain circumstances, though we know it is one of the many things over which we have no control.  This winter has tried the patience and systems of many, […]

Brrr! Now that is wintery!

Ok, yes, we could be considered a bit weather obsessed.  We all check the weather multiple times a day, have our various favorite info sources for different bits and are ALWAYS wishing we could just see what was coming a bit further ahead.  Alas, the life of input-junkie farmers with a diverse portfolio to coordinate […]

Eyes on the Sky

Late moon rises combined with the clearest and crispest of nights made it hard not to notice the sky earlier this week. And last week it was the full moon which drew our attention. Humbling and beautiful stuff!  But different than farmers of old and indigenous people everywhere, when it comes to planning our activities […]