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Slow Grilled Ribs with Chris’* Great Rub

from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything On the grill or in the oven…delicious!  Bittman says, “You can make these faster and easier (see oven variation) but – at home at least – I don’t think you can make them any better.” *Chris Schlesinger, author of the Thrill of the Grill.   Tablespoon salt 2 […]

Broiled Ham Shanks with Braised Cabbage

Seems like a perfect dish for these cooler days and to welcome in Fall! Recipe adapted from Chichi Wang’s recipe on Serious Eats 2 tablespoons dijon or whole grain mustard 1 teaspoon white or red wine vinegar or Artesano’s honey mead 6 tablespoons olive oil (some could be any farm fat) Kosher salt and freshly […]

Chili con Carne,Beans & Tomatoes

From Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything with some liberties taken. Yes, we combine all of his variations into 1. Ingredients: 1 pound  dried beans (Black or King of the Early!) 1-2 lbs  ground pork or Italian sausage, ground turkey or other farm fresh meat 2 onions, minced Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste […]

Overnight Pork Roast

This overnight (or all day) roast is great right out of the oven, in fact perhaps my favorite part is the picking so I can enjoy some of the crispy, salty fat edges as well as bites of the tender juicy meat.  But the final product is also fabulous for pulled pork barbecue or tacos! […]

Braised Tomatillo Pork

Our farm version of this recipe was inspired by and based on a recipe from Rick Bayless, but we adapted both to our liking and what the farm offers.  We chose this as the recipe to use in a profile of the farm a few years ago in Local Banquet, a great Vermont magazine devoted […]

Quick Pork Grilling Steaks

Now, January in Vermont isn’t really considered grilling season, though many do, but we have fallen in love with the pork grilling steaks and they are great even stovetop.  So here is  a simple and delicious option. Ingredients Pork Grilling Steaks, either Sirloin, Sirloin tip or other grilling steaks Kosher Salt Pepper Some lard or […]

Roasted Fresh Ham with Maple Spice Glaze

Great story from Arlene Burnett Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and recipe review from Ham: An Obsession with the Hindquarter by Bruce Weinstein and Marc Scarbrough. (We have their book on Goat, which is also a fun read and a great cookbook) “A few weeks before Easter when I was about 12, my father declared, ‘I’m tired of ham and turkey. This […]

BBQ Pork Butt Steaks

Some tips and info on those mysterious names of meat cuts from Grillin’ “The pork steak is cut from a pork shoulder, pork shoulder butt, pork butt or Boston butt which are all the same thing. The reason a cut of meat taken from the shoulder of a pig is called a pork butt is […]

Farmers’ Barbecue Sauce

4 tablespoons maple syrup 2 tablespoons tomato paste 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 4 tablespoons cider vinegar 2 tablespoons hot chile powder 1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce or other tasty peppers, or to taste 1 jalapeño or habenero pepper, chopped (wit h seeds) 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 medium onion or shallot, chopped 1 green bell […]

Roasted Pork Belly with Salsa Verde

from Healthy Living Market, South Burlington  This recipe caught our eye and we now have some reasonable size chunks of pork belly for sale (yes, the bacon before it has been smoked, and a favorite of chefs). They make a sauce with parsley, but cilantro would also be nice and maybe just using Tomatillo salsa verde […]