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A Needed Spot of Joy

It has been a hard week for many farmers in Vermont due to the flooding last weekend.  It does pain us to see images of flooded pastures and crop fields, knowing how much work has gone into those areas this spring and early summer.  We feel fortunate to be only dealing with the volume of […]

Women’s (including farmers) History Month

March is Women’s History Month and Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture took the opportunity to recognize all of the large number of women farmers in our state…including us!   Almost a quarter of Vermont’s farm owners/managers are women, notably more than the national average. Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture, Anson Tebbetts said, “Women play a critical role […]

Appreciating Carrie

  Carrie arrives quietly on Thursdays, checks in at the chore board and begins chipping away ensuring all have fresh water and good eats.  This can mean moving fence for fresh pasture and browse as well as lugging grain bags, hay and water.  Next, typically, is milking the does, replete with all the intimacy appertaining […]

Art, Nature and Farmer Emeriti Gossip

Vincent van Gogh apparently said “Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art and more.” As the crowd delighted in the great acts and delicious food (thanks Lee) at the Compost Cabaret – true mastery, I marveled that the inverse must also be true. So much energy and talent […]