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Spring Abundance

Yes, it is that time.  Late Spring Abundance.  Now, it isn’t the late summer abundance with colors across the rainbow, but the diversity is great, the colors are magnificent and yes, it is time to “Eat Your Greens.”  We hope you enjoy them..the campaign is on! And yes, we are forever grateful for the inspiring […]

Eat Your Greens by Anna

Ode to Winter Greens

                Sometimes (OK, often), December and the holidays appear out of nowhere.  Wasn’t it just early fall so recently, yet now it feels like winter has really set in and is here for keeps.  So it is this week.               Snow covers […]


Farm Talents

Three new talented individuals are joining our team as the Spring flurry approaches. What would an orientation week in Spring be if we didn’t do some team bonding by cherviling? (More on that in coming weeks!).  Here is a bit on the new farmers we are excited to have on the team. Soliz Mayer grew […]

Saint Liva marshalls the vegetables of Righteousness to Victory against the hosts of famine and pestilence: Art and caption by Anna Svagzdys

Giving Thanks…

We love our turkeys. And this year’s group came to us amidst the weasel troubles. We bonded more than normal via extra nightly visits, timed to be there at just the right light to close them all in the horse trailer and early morning releases onto their pasture. As a result they are even more […]

turkey video still

Rainy Days and Roots

Really it was rainy day prep with livestock moves — when farmers hear Nor’easter, we pay attention.  Wet, cold and windy….not the best for our pastured livestock, especially tough on the goats, but we have made sure they all have good shelter, plenty of hay as a buffer and thanks to harvest and gleaning they are […]

pigs enjoying apples on pasture screenshot

Plants Rule the World

Chervil stole 40 or so hours from us this Spring and the last two as well. We give it time rather than acreage.  Central Vermont is an epicenter for the invasive Wild Chervil   which has a root shaped like a carrot.  It has aggressively spread along roadsides and into valuable hay land and pastures. […]

installing orchard understory

New Arrivals!

It has been a busy week of arrivals! From Green Mountain Heritage Farm we picked up the newest Green Mountain Girls  –  three piglets that will be our new breeding stock.  They are only 6 weeks old now, cuteas buttons, but will become our future sows!  They are in the upper barn but about to […]

Guy installing new weed barrier in the hoophouse....

Accolades for Lauren

We can still picture Lauren, leaning forward in the interview, positive and confident. She expressed commitment to communicating the nourishing potential of real food. A promise she fulfills. Flash forward through the seasons and the vignettes display an eager apprentice, gritting through daily chores with stamina and satisfaction, honoring labor with quiet and news of […]

Lauren's Year on the Farm

Welcome to Andrew

So while we have been caught up in new goat kids and naming themes, we have another new being at the farm.  Andrew Stowe has joined our team to take over managing vegetable production as Liva prepares to head off and manage a baby. We are thrilled to have Andrew join our team, bringing enthusiasm  experience, […]

Andrew Stowe

Thank You Anna!

 Farmer Emeritus & forever a Green Mountain Girl!    Congratulations Anna — Farmer Emeritus & forever a Green Mountain Girl! Whereas you are now off to work with “indoor people”, you’ve seen this farm and cared for flocks and field in every season. You apprenticed with abandon, returned for a second season and returned again […]

Anna Svagzdys