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What it takes…

The side of organic, sustainably raised farming you don’t always see.   Darienne harvesting broccoli under our protect-net — keeping out those cabbage moths without spraying! Thanks to our team for going all out from vegetable care to on-site turkey processing.  

Write Love Letters – To Farms

Last week Laura’s brother’s family visited some of the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, only 780 are estimated left in the world. When Noah left our farm on his way toward this adventure Mari asked him to pass on a message from her – “our species is off track in some ways, please hang in there, […]

Liva and tomato

What Matters to You?

Hardy souls made it out to the Farm while snow continued to squall Friday evening. Our town road team did a spectacular job making way for those who could get here to enjoy Scrag Mountain Music’s Valentines concert “the Most Beautiful Waltz”. Mary and Evan again tapped New York based talents who wowed us. Already the farm […]