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Introducing the Piglets

We are a bit behind on naming and introducing the first batch of piglets that were born at the farm on March 1st.  Fortunately, a young visiting writer & photographer prepared some profiles of each of Grizabella’s six piglets, her first litter. The naming scheme this year is Ski Areas, for this first litter the […]

Welcome the Environmentalists

Our first due date this year for new births was Earth Day, so we thought we should honor that (and our Farm’s strong philosophy) by choosing Environmentalists as the naming scheme for the year. Several inspirational environmentalists, conservationists and ecologists that have made a difference in this world have already been suggested but we need […]

In Praise of Tamworths

We had some snowy arrivals this week. It seems both goats & pigs were waiting until the wintery snow came back to bring their little ones into the world.  Perhaps they are winter lovers, perhaps calming the world was help, perhaps that barometric pressure change…or just luck.  But the birthing has begun, with more to […]

Growing & Ripening

While we are happy to not have drought conditions like the western US, all the live beings on the farm have been happy to see a bit more sun this past week.   It is July and we are in a season of growing and ripening.   And growing is happening.  The ridged hoophouse is […]

Dry to Wet

The season has turned from too dry to good and wet! The heirloom tomatoes are growing like crazy and have had their first pruning. A large kale harvest has made way for sweet potatoes. The goats are moving through grass quickly and the 24 piglets, still unnamed have taken on that half tank and half […]

Now That is a Village!

The Floating Bridge opening and celebration was amazing!       As we arrived in Hippo Park, Sandy Schmitt, VTrans Bridge engineer and Brookfield resident was scooting around with a wheel barrow tidying up final bits, green volunteer shirted folks and balloon arches were visible and the air was full of excitement and a good dose […]

Spam, Sperm and feedback loops

Seth Godin, a vibrant thinker on marketing, says that if your e-newsletter would not be missed by members of your audience, then it is spam! What do you appreciate about what we share weekly with you from our farm? What would you miss if it went away? What do you want more of? As we […]

Moving Parts

Celsius and Farenheit, along with mom Amelia moved out to pasture to join the other pigs this week Not only are the animals on the move this week as they always are, but the farmers are too. With Laura and Mari off to a family graduation (of part-time farmer nephew Noah), the rest of the […]

Ramona and the Rains

The beauty of piglets came back to us this week.  After a changing of the guard in the winter of 2013 and a year of raising three beautiful breeding gilts (young female pigs) from the Whalen’s Green Mountain Heritage Farm in Chelsea, Ramona Quimby was the first to deliver a beautiful litter of piglets. She […]

New Arrivals!

It has been a busy week of arrivals! From Green Mountain Heritage Farm we picked up the newest Green Mountain Girls  –  three piglets that will be our new breeding stock.  They are only 6 weeks old now, cuteas buttons, but will become our future sows!  They are in the upper barn but about to […]