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Piglets, Frosts & Friends

We’d seen it in the forecasts and sure enough the cold set in. Jonathan Lipkin, photographer, rolled in from New York (a project in gestation phase) at 6:30 Friday morning. He tagged along as we swarmed to pull in anything too tender to freeze.  The team ticked off items on the list methodically. 175 pounds of […]

New Faces on the Farm

There are many new faces around the farm these days, some of them human, some of them not. Indeed the newest faces are Checkers’ piglets that she delivered late Tuesday night. She wasn’t due until Thursday, but the nest building she embarked upon Tuesday morning clued us in that she wasn’t waiting for the 12th! […]

New Arrivals

So many new arrivals this week.  Yes, indeed, piglets have been one of them.  Madison delivered in the wee hours of Friday morning.  While she, and the farmer nurses, have had a rough go of it, she and her 5 piglets are now doing well.  She struggled with her delivery and it had a notable […]


Thanks to many of you who shared photos from the farm supper.  We farmers sure had fun and Karen’s blog indicates others did too! We will do it again and hope those who missed it can come next time.  And remember, you don’t need to wait for a farm supper to get a latte on […]

Doodle’s Piglets

Yes, it may seem as if we are only pig farmers if you read this blog lately. We promise to share other farm stories, but it is true that with 3 sows farrowing in November and December, the pigs are quite prominent. Santa came early and Doodle delivered her piglets on Monday, Dec 21st, right […]

Introducing Tic, Tac & Toe

The first piglets were born last week. (June 2nd for those counting) It is very exciting, now that the nervous stage is over. While the litter was surprisingly small, Mama Doodle seems to be doing well at rearing these little piglets thus far. It is her (and our) first litter of piglets. They are so […]