Thanks to many of you who shared photos from the farm supper.  We farmers sure had fun and Karen’s blog indicates others did too! We will do it again and hope those who missed it can come next time.  And remember, you don’t need to wait for a farm supper to get a latte on the hoof!

How quickly that civilized evening melts away in the chaos of piglets on the loose and amidst the almost overwhelming bounty of mid August.  Processing in the farmhouse kitchen is in full swing and the fridges and farmstand are overflowing. Tessa’s focus and outreach with our mobile stand at the Northfield Farmers Market got a nice boost with the Northfield News article.

The sow’s bellies are starting to stretch. The “piglets” are now really looking like market pigs. The Freedom Rangers are sizing up and the turkey poults are ready to move to pasture. The loggers are getting close to the farm center.  The fencers are catching up with the loggers!

Rose has stepped up from still imagery to using her bike helmet-mounted video camera. Around here we take fashion risks for farming and

Thanks to Rose, our livestock apprentice, for a great summer of animal care and amazing photos! All on the farm will miss you

art! Just as all this productivity crescendos, we are preparing for transition as Rose and Anna depart to wrap up their studies.

And, as you have likely heard via email blasts, we are preparing for the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative annual Market Day festivities.


Summer is full and we are all trying to enjoy it while riding the wave.