New Arrivals

So many new arrivals this week.  Yes, indeed, piglets have been one of them.  Madison delivered in the wee hours of Friday morning.  While she, and the farmer nurses, have had a rough go of it, she and her 5 piglets are now doing well.  She struggled with her delivery and it had a notable impact on her eating and ability to produce milk.  But fortunately the piglets, Madison and we are persistent and she is up and about, eating and nursing well and the piglets are starting to get that cute rotund look.  Checkers should be delivering anytime—we thought it was going to be last night, but…she makes us wait.


We had some new folks arrive into the farm’s life this week as well.  Becky from Across the Fence

Pigletopia Pastoral - Photo by Lisa Guido

spent Friday morning with us, filming for a video celebrating UVM Extension’s 100th anniversary.  We are thrilled to be one of the new farms offering our appreciation for the support, knowledge and assistance we have received from UVM Extension in its many forms.

On the heels of that, our friend MJ brought Lisa Guido to the farm, a former NBC producer with a penchant for farm fresh food, who also coordinates a pork CSA for The Piggery in Brooklyn.  Lisa spent 3 days with us filming and absorbing our little farm world to see if there might be some joint projects in our future.  Some of you got to meet her and we even got her over to Ariel’s Restaurant for their Vermont Fresh Network benefit dinner where we all thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s Mexican menu.  Wow!   Posole with Pork,  Cabrito wrapped in a banana leaf, Turkey Mole, amazing salsas with veggie chips and so much more.  And all of the meat, the tomatillos and those hot jalapenos were from our farm.

And yesterday, while not as glamorous as the piglets or those with cameras, but perhaps as exciting, our new walk-in cooler & freezer arrived…in pieces.  Beware as your arrive, the upper barn parking area is currently the staging ground.  Hopefully by next week, we will have it up and running, which will mean better storage, smoother shopping, more options and less fridge tetris.