Moving Parts

ramona and piglet on pastureCelsius and Farenheit, along with mom Amelia moved out to pasture to join the other pigs this week Not only are the animals on the move this week as they always are, but the farmers are too. With Laura and Mari off to a family graduation (of part-time farmer nephew Noah), the rest of the regular farmers (super heroes really) are adding to their usual roles some irregular ones to keep the farm’s workplans, crop, livestock, tourism and marketing needs moving forward. They are getting a bit of back-up and fresh excitement from Helen & Larry, aka Team Andrew (his parents) who are becoming regular farm relief. Mark Farley is pitching in this week too, from backing up Donna to literally bring home the bacon (and sausage)…with the important smokehouse pickup!

uno in the fieldThe farm’s products and some farmers are off on Sunday to Brookfield for the first Floating Bridge Food and Farms market of the season. There will be great food and treats to bring home and great lunch options too! Come out for an afternoon of fun. Check out the details on the new website (another farmer production!).

As Uno helps us herd the farm flocks, it would be really great if you tell your friends about Sunday’s market and herd your people towards Brookfield for Sunday’s Market!