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Pics and Gratitude of the Week

Safe to say a week with 50 degrees and raining as well as 90 degrees and blazing takes its toll on farmers and all that we tend.  That said, we have weathered it decently and are thrilled with the change in temps.  We share with you a few moments (in images & videos) that boosted […]

Finding Gratitude

Sometimes it takes some occasion – be it a holiday or world events or losses to make us stop in our tracks and to pull ourselves out of the daily grind and routines. Stimulus helps us lift our heads up and notice life, our surroundings, and the world a bit differently.   In these moments we remember what […]

Farm Talents

Three new talented individuals are joining our team as the Spring flurry approaches. What would an orientation week in Spring be if we didn’t do some team bonding by cherviling? (More on that in coming weeks!).  Here is a bit on the new farmers we are excited to have on the team. Soliz Mayer grew […]

Learning as We Go

Happy New Year! We appreciate the rituals of reflection and goal setting that often accompany the calendar reset and resolve to keep using this weekly format of stories from the farm to keep you, our farm community, connected with this place, this wild experiment in mundane acts of growing food that is good for you […]

Flannel Friday & Cider Monday

Over the river and through the woods… Thanksgiving feasts took many of us to loved ones and in this busy blur of modern life just having time to be together is a special treat. We loved seeing some of the season’s best go off to your feasts, especially those birds. Our Thanksgiving market was lively […]

Giving Thanks…

We love our turkeys. And this year’s group came to us amidst the weasel troubles. We bonded more than normal via extra nightly visits, timed to be there at just the right light to close them all in the horse trailer and early morning releases onto their pasture. As a result they are even more […]

You are our Sun and Sparkle!

 – A Love Letter to Farm Supporters We tried to write you a sonnet. Something to capture the joy we find in our hearts which comes when you tell us about cooking, eating or enjoying the farm’s food. Some way to express our heart’s deep thanks for all of you who make this farm dream […]

Giving Tuesday

Immediately following a holiday focused on gratitude and giving thanks, we either continue that sense by thinking of what treats we can give our friends and family or as some see it shop till we drop in an overly commercial approach to the holidays.  In recent years, other efforts have come forth, the National Day of Listening and […]

Our Gratefuls

This week, the farm and farmers are grateful for the joy, fertility and healthy feast the turkeys have and will provide.  They have continued to strut proudly, showing off their plumage, red (and blue!) faces and their generally regal nature.  We will miss them, but are also grateful for the peace that comes as we […]

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration comes to us in many forms, some of them predictable, some of them not.  As someone whose work is passion driven, inspiration and motivation and the rekindling of that passion is critical.   When I ran a mission driven non-profit, I would coach my younger colleagues to remember that when you toil hard towards […]