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Pics and Gratitude of the Week

Safe to say a week with 50 degrees and raining as well as 90 degrees and blazing takes its toll on farmers and all that we tend.  That said, we have weathered it decently and are thrilled with the change in temps.  We share with you a few moments (in images & videos) that boosted […]

A Painted Turtle returning to the pond...

Eat Your Greens…and Flowers!

  This week you can jazz up your salads with some beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers.                 We had a great time harvesting some with Chef Lee Duberman for Ariel’s Restaurant Week Menu (Yep they are back from Mexico and OPEN!).  You can get them there as well as […]

lee picking mizuna salad flowers

July on the Farm

These days are packed with activity…blurring the hot, steamy, cool, crisp, rainy, sunny & cloudy days all together often.  Figuring out how to get to much of what is on the to-do list and which things to let be aspirational till next year.  Here is a few things happening at the farm…at least some of […]

Lots of time on pasture, including these twins lounging on pasture chewing cud together

Purposeful Color

Walk past the gardens this Thursday evening and you will see a good bit of color dotted around the farm.                           It is pleasing to the eye and that matters! But there is greater purpose to each flower you see. Some repel pests […]

Nasturtiums and violas harvested for salads!