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Some bit of October on the Farm

While we get ready for rain (finally!) and colder weather, here are some recent photos of life on the farm!                

Ode to Fall Veggies

I must admit, I am such a four season gal.  As each new season shows its colors, scents and weather, my spirits brighten.  There is so much hope at the beginning of each season – hope for things either not achieved or not achievable in the season that is ending.  Fall is no different for me. […]

Bring on the Fall Colors

                    Fall is officially here as is fall foliage.  Our favorite part of the foliage season is when the vibrant reds, yellows and oranges are amidst a backdrop of deep greens.  We have gotten to experience this beyond the trees this week, the same color schemes […]

Framing Foliage in Farms, Food and Community

Whether you are looking for day trip ideas or a way to experience fall foliage in an off-the-beaten-path way, we invite you to our farms and community. We organized the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative to make our working landscape more accessible for folks to enjoy. Cooperative members host  farm tours, apple picking and […]

Apple Pie Contest

          It is October in Vermont.  Time for foliage and apples..and other goodness too.  We’ve stocked the farmstand with lard for the upcoming pie contest for those bakers out there.  And of course, pie eaters are needed as well! We organized the Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative to make our […]

Welcome Fall!

The arrival of each season is generally greeted warmly by these farmers.  Each one offers its own excitement and treasures and downfalls.  With Autumn’s official arrival, I celebrate the cooler, clear days being able to work outside and fully enjoy the temperature! The fall sun feels so good! One of the special attributes that makes the […]

Changing Season, Changing Mentalities

Wet, windy, 50 degree days are very different from their dry, sunny counterparts. Though the temperatures haven’t changed much, over the past few days the farm has seen the first of its transitions into the cold season. This is one place where our systems have an opportunity to shine. Our careful pasture management means our […]

Enjoying Fall’s Beauty

Along with the rest of Vermont, we have been enjoying fall in all its glory this week both on our farm and others.  It has been joyous to watch the littlest pigs really start to play and explore running up and down the hill, around the rock, following our sows and starting to adventure on […]