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Schwarma Goat

One of our favorites from Weinstein & Scarbrough’s cookboook, Goat (so clear)!  It meets some of the criteria we love — easy, simple and delicious.  We do some simple adaptations as we aren’t purists…but love the spice on this, tasty but not too hot. And we have found you can skip and/or sub a spice […]

Mustard and Herb Rubbed Rack of Goat

  This is the quick approach from Bruce Weinstein & Marc Scarborough and their GREAT cookbook, Goat.  Wonderful recipes and fun to read as they have a great sense of humor as well.  Another good option for the racks is the slow roast approach, resulting in meat that falls off the bone. Adjusted a bit […]

Red-Wine Braised Shanks (Goat or Lamb)

Contributed by Jeremy Silansky, chef and currently General Manager of Skinny Pancake to Food and Wine Magazine for their How to Eat like a Localvore article a few years ago.  Another good shank recipe (adpated to use lard or other fat and frozen or canned tomatoes) is Forageddish’s  Harissa Goat Shanks with Carrots, Tomatoes & squash puree!   He […]

Saag Gosht

We had heard the description of this recipe for a several years from one of our Farm Share members and it always sounds so good. Last year, Molly typed it up during spring greens season, but it is also great for this fall cozy season!  Thanks to Molly for the recipe and photos! This is […]

Seven Hour Leg of Goat

Ok, it sounds like a big commitment, but really the oven does most of the work and makes for a delightful holiday or just special weekend meal. The recipe below was shared by NPR and it is quite similar to the one in Weinstein & Scarborough’s Book, Goat.  Though they have much more fun commentary on […]

Roasted Goat Loin

These are small (3/4 -1 lb each) but a treat and really offer 2 different meals.   The bone-in goat loin roasts are essentially the goat tenderloin, but still on the bone . A goat sized T-bone, but not cut into steaks. The loins can be roasted whole as a quick cook, then cut the […]

Mexican Jalisco Style Goat Stew

Also called Goat Birria in some recipes. We adapted this recipe from one in Saveur magazine.  Their recipe may have a stronger pepper flavor, which I think might be excellent.  I was a bit short on time and the right peppers to make the pepper sauce element so adapted based on what was in our […]

Cabrito (Goat) Tacos

This was super popular at our first Taco Night and with fresh salsa season coming to an end, we have been having ALL sorts of tacos. Below is the recipe for the Cabrito or Goat Tacos, add to that some of our hot sauce, fresh salsa, spinach, onions and/braised chard..yum!  Perhaps make a whole taco […]

Coyotes, Cancellations, Culvert + Compressor = the Terrible Cs!

Listen to the spectacularly haunting chorus for yourself! I sat straight up in bed, alerted Laura (who has “activator” on her top 5 list of strengths). She and Uno were out the door in seconds. Validating our sense that the coyote were VERY close, the calls ended abruptly with the lights switching on and click […]

Roast Leg of Goat with Lemon and Herbs

From Living with Goats With the weather going up and down a nice slow roasted leg of goat sounds great!  And leftovers could go into tacos if it gets too warm. Ingredients 1 leg of goat (3-4 lbs) 6 cloves of garlic 1/3 cup olive oil or other fat coarse salt & ground pepper 1/4 cup […]