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Join the Farm and get fresh, nutritious food throughout the year


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Our Farm Share memberships are simple and flexible.

You shop from the farmstand, choosing the items and amounts of each you want as well as when to shop. You commit to spend $100 or more each month for a year and we give you a discount on all that you purchase.

Our members enjoy year-round, free choice access to our full diet of ecologically and socially responsibly grown food. Members shop for food at the farmstand and earn a volume-based discount off all purchases when average spending is maintained at a minimum of $100/month. In the spirit of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farm share members guarantee their year-long loyalty, enabling the farm to plan and grow food for members.


Three Farmshare levels existshopping in the farmstand

(based on annual household spending at the farm)

  • 10% off all purchases = $1,200 in spending annually “Farmstand members”
  • 15% off all purchases = $2,500 in spending annually “Foodies “
  • 20% off all purchases = $4,000 in spending annually “Omnivores”

Each month you put money into your farm account and then draw it down throughout the month. Our Farm Share Policies and Member Agreement has more details or email us with other questions.


What is different about our farm share?

Your shopping bag this week?

Your shopping bag this week?

Our farm share is non-traditional in that you choose what items you want and how much you want of each. This enables individuals or households of any size to join and satisfies everyone, from omnivores to folks with restricted diets.

You can shop during Thursday’s staffed Farm Share hours 3:30-6:30pm, self-serve daily (7 am – 7 pm) at the farmstand or at any markets where we vend.

We grow bountiful, healthy food and stock our farmstand with our products (seasonable vegetables and herbs, pasture-raised meats, eggs, and goat milk) and treats from other local farms.



All shares are year-round, we provide food every week of the year.  Winter veggies include stored, dried and frozen options as well as some fresh winter greens.  Summer veggies are also turned into salsas, pickles, tomato puree and soups for the winter season. Meats include a variety of pasture-raised pork, goat and poultry offers. Even in Vermont you can eat well and local throughout the winter with any of our Farm Shares.

To get a sense of what kinds of foods are available each week throughout the year, check out “At the Farmstand” which lists the shopping options each week for the past few years.

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Note: Everyone is welcome at our farmstand. People unable to meet the above criteria or commitments are encouraged to be part of the farm and simply shop as retail customers without a discount.