Stories from the Farm

Claytonia, a Delightfully Lush Spring Salad Green

Claytonia is the succulent green which is part of our Spring salad offerings. It is known as miner’s lettuce in the west — any of you who spent time hiking or camping in the mountain west may have even foraged wild claytonia.     According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, “100 grams of miner’s lettuce—about […]

Thanks be to the Sugar Makers

That is to the Maple Sugar Makers.  Sugaring season is sometimes short, sometimes long, always weather dependent and such a clear marker of the transition between Winter and Spring.  We are both thankful to not have good maples on our property to tap and for all those near us that do!         […]

Bright New Provisioning Possibilities

Back in January a malfunction in our farmstand freezer dimmed our mood and subsequently made shopping in the farmstand a bit like a treasure hunt! Upgrading it had been on the to do list but we were flat-footed or on our heels in terms of readiness to address the domino effect of researching, rewiring, and […]

Introducing the Piglets

We are a bit behind on naming and introducing the first batch of piglets that were born at the farm on March 1st.  Fortunately, a young visiting writer & photographer prepared some profiles of each of Grizabella’s six piglets, her first litter. The naming scheme this year is Ski Areas, for this first litter the […]

Stirring the Pot

Last week Ric Cengeri’s Vermont Edition interview  with Lisa Kaiman at Jersey Girls Dairy  made us stop multi tasking. Ric’s simple probes and Lisa’s articulate answers made for a stealth piece and a beautiful window into the reality for small farms. We need your honest and vulnerable stories. Jane, Ric, Vermont Edition and Local Banquet […]

Our Farm in Film: The whys and hows

Green Mountain Girls Farm: Short Documentary from Pete & TJ Productions on Vimeo. This short film about the farm is certainly our favorite (and most useful) student project.  Peter VanderWilden, a UVM student focused on both documentary film as well as environmental studies approached us last fall about a collaboration that would result in a […]

Ode to the Beet

We often sing praises of our beets and certainly believe they are deserving of their own ode.  Which is saying a lot as beets are the only vegetable I (Laura) had a negative run-in with as a child. Long story, but suffice to say went to bed with them in my mouth and I didn’t […]

Who’s Living in our Barn?

Our dry lumber resides in a corner edge of our South barn, resources for future projects. Plenty of open space is left for this winter’s mixed group of gilts (future sows) and “market” pigs.   But this particular sounder of swine or passel of hogs appears to have neighbors who have channeled some good-sized tunnels […]


Nope, not the gum.  But our hoophouses are once again quite bubblicious, meaning that enough snow, ice and grapple have been freed from the outer plastic to allow the air to flow once again between the 2 layers of plastic and create a protective bubble of air that helps snow slide and not build up. […]


Happy New Year!  While you are hiding out from the Nor’easter and artic chill heading back to the Northeast we offer you two interesting points to ponder and perhaps to fuel your 2018 resolutions. Agritourism Consider a farmstay this year, with us or at another farm.  Check out this nice article and video from the […]