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Pics and Gratitude of the Week

Safe to say a week with 50 degrees and raining as well as 90 degrees and blazing takes its toll on farmers and all that we tend.  That said, we have weathered it decently and are thrilled with the change in temps.  We share with you a few moments (in images & videos) that boosted […]

July on the Farm

These days are packed with activity…blurring the hot, steamy, cool, crisp, rainy, sunny & cloudy days all together often.  Figuring out how to get to much of what is on the to-do list and which things to let be aspirational till next year.  Here is a few things happening at the farm…at least some of […]

Growing & Ripening

While we are happy to not have drought conditions like the western US, all the live beings on the farm have been happy to see a bit more sun this past week.   It is July and we are in a season of growing and ripening.   And growing is happening.  The ridged hoophouse is […]

Oh, Our Little Friends

This week that phrase is being uttered around the farm both sincerely and sarcastically. Tuesday morning Andrew was greeted by some major gaps in the hoophouse plantings. An entire 10 ft section of Rouge d’Hiver lettuce plants had been harvested to the ground. This wasn’t the work of some eager colleagues, but rather, “our little […]

New Arrivals!

It has been a busy week of arrivals! From Green Mountain Heritage Farm we picked up the newest Green Mountain Girls  –  three piglets that will be our new breeding stock.  They are only 6 weeks old now, cuteas buttons, but will become our future sows!  They are in the upper barn but about to […]

Greens and Valore Galore

Déjà vu. The radar showed purple, Northfield Farmers Market was cancelled and the radio alerts brought us back to a year ago when we retreated to the basement during tornado warnings. No hail this time for us but the rage of these storms is sobering. The Cornish Cross chicks (a.k.a. the Adirondacks) became soaked and […]

Baby Animal Alert!

For the past week, one lucky lady has been the center of many a farm discussion. While she was lounging in the sun, getting back scratches from farmers, and out nibbling on grass, we were all asking–when is Takamba going to kid? As her due date came and went, we began checking in on her […]


We feel so lucky to be high in the hills. We are grateful to our team, friends and neighbors for help getting ready for the storm. The new generator ensured all the freezers and fridges kept going. The 150 3-day old chicks enjoyed the dining room, especially the cozy fire in the woodstove once the power […]

Status of Your Gardens

Somewhere around 6am Thursday our phone will ring.  It will be Wayne at the Post Office and he will be accompanied by cheeps and chirps.  We are ready for the first 50 broilers of the season, a small batch designed to delight you with fresh chicken in approximately 8 weeks. Meanwhile they will spend their […]

Chicks have Arrived!

Baby chicks are so very fluffy and cute. Round balls of down with the tiniest wings starting to form. Our first batch of chicks arrived this week and the barn is full of “cheep, cheep”. They have a zest for life and are dashing to and fro. Even at this young (3 days old) age, […]