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Getting Turkeys to Boston…or not

Abundant harvests of this warm early fall are bringing glorious orange, reds, yellows and greens to the farmstand, foreshadowing Vermont’s famous foliage! Remembering that vibrancy and intensity of color, like taste, are indicators of nutrient density, we are thrilled not only to offer these delicacies to our community but also to have such spectacular indicators […]

Summer Grazing

There are few things more delightful as a livestock farmer than the sweet sounds (which are often very quiet) of animals enjoying new pasture.  Even though it happens every few days on our farm, it still warms my heart every time.   We captured in pictures and video of some of those moments from Sunday morning’s […]

Turkeys get to Boston One Way or Another!

Laura looked like the pied piper walking the flock across the clover. Despite Darienne’s  calls of encouragement leaning through the front window, they balked at the trailer. These moments always make me think of Temple Grandin and of conversations years ago with our friend Lisa designing a facility to care for elders with dementia , […]

Giving Thanks…

We love our turkeys. And this year’s group came to us amidst the weasel troubles. We bonded more than normal via extra nightly visits, timed to be there at just the right light to close them all in the horse trailer and early morning releases onto their pasture. As a result they are even more […]

Tangible Magic

The current issue of Edible Green Mountains is out and there is a piece on our farm.  We are thrilled and grateful for such wonderful publications dedicated to local food in Vermont.                     It has been nice to have that positive new piece as we have […]

Predators Strike!

We struggle to keep our animals comfortable and thriving. They grow well. It is humane and just. But every once in a while our systems and efforts fail and the safety of our livestock is breached, to serve the comfort and thriving populations of wild animals who neighbor and share the farm. Sunday chores for […]

Glory and Gratitude

Passion, artistic focus and a whole lot of equipment came to the farm with the 3 NYU film students, their 3 child actors and crew Saturday.  “Green House” will be a web short to help teach kids about sustainable, local farming and we were glad to be part of the blended documentary and scripted film.  […]

Thanks to the Turkeys

People warned us that turkeys are mean and unpleasant, but ours have been a joy. In fact, they are some of the lowest maintenance animals on our farm. They do love to eat, but mostly they wait patiently for their turn, though they do mob you for food some days. And they didn’t even complain […]