Tangible Magic

The current issue of Edible Green Mountains is out and there is a piece on our farm.  We are thrilled and grateful for such wonderful publications dedicated to local food in Vermont.











It has been nice to have that positive new piece as we have also been dealing with the impacts of a particularly effective fox who like you all has a strong preference for pasture-raised organic meats, turkey in particular.  We had very large predator attack many weeks ago, but then we thought all had passed.  Silly farmers, this diligent hunter has managed to continue to shrink our flock.

Uno following the fox tracks

Nothing like the fresh snow last Friday to allow us to follow the fox’s tracks in an out of the pig’s fence, down the farm road up the turkey fence and past his last kill.  It left me in awe of the fox’s work, his own kind of magic.  And it made our task of that day, butchering part of the turkey flock, seem like a very timely action.

The rest of the turkeys have been hanging in the close field, and we all will be extra thankful for the upcoming holiday so we can worry about them no longer. They have been a joy to watch this summer.  They truly make a different noise, the happy turkey noise we call it, when they move to fresh pasture spreading out to gobble up the various green grasses.   We hope these turkeys will bring some tangible magic to your holiday celebration.

Pick up a copy of Edible Green Mountains at area stores or in our farmstand. [Their website seems to be having some trouble at the moment, but the article is here too!]