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Nature….Friend or Foe?

One of the downsides of being a farmer is that nature is sometimes a foe now, not just a friend, nor even just a beautiful element to ponder. This week two, well at least two, of our wild neighbors on the farm made a surprise appearance. Sunday morning as Analiese entered the sow & hen barn, […]

Weasel Understands Loving What is Plentiful

“This could be our revolution,” writes Alice Walker, “to love what is plentiful as much as what is scarce.” Walker’s poem We Alone could be useful in light of the fact that due to vacillating temperatures and other factors three successions of head lettuce plantings have matured at the same time! We’ve been grating and […]

Tangible Magic

The current issue of Edible Green Mountains is out and there is a piece on our farm.  We are thrilled and grateful for such wonderful publications dedicated to local food in Vermont.                     It has been nice to have that positive new piece as we have […]

Predators Strike!

We struggle to keep our animals comfortable and thriving. They grow well. It is humane and just. But every once in a while our systems and efforts fail and the safety of our livestock is breached, to serve the comfort and thriving populations of wild animals who neighbor and share the farm. Sunday chores for […]