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Fall is arriving and with it some seasonal transitions of crops in from the fields and poultry ready to be processed.  Today we took this year’s batch of 300+ Freedom Ranger chickens to Maple Wind Farm‘s inspected processing facility  and this weekend we will process our turkeys on farm with a great crew of staff, […]

How to Part a Chicken

Several years ago, two of our teammates teamed up to not only offer a live demo of how to cut up a chicken, but to document it so folks could continue to learn from it.  We often offer thanks to our former staff, today we thank Guy & Penelope for this great piece of kitchen […]

At the Farmstand: September 21-26

Fresh Chicken this weekend – Starting Friday evening.   Not that our frozen birds aren’t also delightful, but fresh chicken is exciting and offers opportunities for you to cut them up so you have some parts in your freezer.  Unpacking some additional beef cuts from our friends at Greenfield Highland Beef and the fields and […]

New Products

Lists of superfoods often include the sweet potato. But the leave are ignored in this part of the world. Recently an article published by the University of Arkansas Extension grabbed our attention claiming “studies have shown that sweetpotato leaves contain as many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as spinach”. The comparison to spinach is apt as preparation is similar. Note that with spinach as well as sweet potato […]

Cooking Sweet Potato Leaves

Yes indeed, as those of you who have seen us recently at the farmstand or market know, you can indeed eat Sweet Potato leaves!  And per the notes in this week’s Stories from the Farm, they are also super nutritious.  Here are some tips for cooking them! Prepare sweet potato leaves by boiling, steaming or stir­ frying to preserve nutrients. While cooking vegetables leads to slight nutrient losses, heat also […]

At the Farmstand: September 13-20

Some new treats from our friends at Greenfield Highland Beef are now in the farmstand, and the fields and hoophouses are still cranking out yummy veggies.   This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs (limited to members)   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Arugula • Black Currants  (frozen) • Broccoli • Fresh […]

All in a (Labor) Day’s Work

Thanks to all our Market colleagues and supporters for joining in the parade fun as we continue to build community and excitement for local food.                                               And a special nod (complete with videos) […]

At the Farmstand: September 6-12

Ah, early September..oh how we love your abundance of fresh veggies.   This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs (limited to members)   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Beans, Green & other colors! • Black Currants  (frozen) • Broccoli • Fresh Beets, Chioggia, Red & Golden* • Carrots • Chard • Corn!* […]

Salsa Verde, Fresh!

Oh, it is the season for fresh salsa and there are now tomatillos to use as well!   Like most fresh salsas, this is just a general guideline and you can add more or less based on your preferences and what you have!  Based on a recipe from Simply Recipes; they roast the tomatillos which is also […]


There are a lot of heroes and yep, even, Superheroes in our world.  And this week, we will have some fun with some of them as part of the Northfield Labor Day Parade.  Conveniently, the parade theme is Superheroes.  Well as small, sustainable farmers, that is easy. Our colleagues in this work are some of […]