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Eating Well on Farmstays

 We were profiled as the Farm, Farmstay in Eating Well Magazine’s Travel Issue this year. “See the operation behind the Farmer’s Market stand.  Laura Olsen and Mari Omland grow organic vegetables and raise pastured poultry, pigs and goats on their 40 acre farm in Northfield, VT.  Collect eggs, feed sows Ramona Quimby and Amelia Bedelia […]

march 2017 Eating well farmstay

Spring Abundance

Yes, it is that time.  Late Spring Abundance.  Now, it isn’t the late summer abundance with colors across the rainbow, but the diversity is great, the colors are magnificent and yes, it is time to “Eat Your Greens.”  We hope you enjoy them..the campaign is on! And yes, we are forever grateful for the inspiring […]

Eat Your Greens by Anna

Caesar Salad Substitute

So…many of us love that crunch and creaminess of a Caesar Salad, so we love to shift around some ingredients to what we have in season.  This week – you can do it with either the versatile Tokyo Bekana or with some small Romaine heads.  And you can go for the true Caesar dressing, or this […]

tokyo bekana cesar salad greens

At the Farmstand: May 16-22

Big harvest before the pending heat wave…and to make room for Tomatoes to be transplanted.  Fun new options for salad and cooking greens.  LOTS of lettuce for salad! This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Arugula • Bok Choy • Broccoli, Frozen • Carrots • Chard, […]


Dancing with Nature

  Our ecological approach to farming has its benefits and its drawbacks.  This week we found some of both.  Happily our farm seems to be great habitat for birds and with Spring migration, we are seeing the return of many. Unfortunately, one of the pairs of kildeer chose a nesting spot right where the onions […]

kildeer eggs 4

At the Farmstand: May 10-16

Plentiful, gorgeous lettuce as we make room to transplant the tomatoes. And lovely soups as well given these cold days. This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Arugula • Broccoli, Frozen • Carrots • Chard, Fresh & Frozen • Chives • Cilantro • Claytonia/Miner’s Lettuce heads* • […]

spring hoophouse lettuce greens

French Roasted Onion Soup

These grey, wet, cold May days have us turning back to some cold weather soups.  There are lots of onions that want to get sliced up and caramelized….perhaps into soup? And don’t those French know how to do it right! And I bet some fresh scallions on top would be lovely though distinctly not traditional! […]

french-onion-soup in crock

At the Farmstand: May 4-10

Some new additions to our Spring Salad mixes this week and they are PLENTIFUL!  Plus radishes and fresh chard.  And we have discovered that the Claytonia stems are a bit like bean sprouts and delightfully crisp and juicy chopped into a salad. This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs   Fresh/Stored Veggies & […]

spring radishes

Scallion Pancakes

The scallions are crisp, luscious and ok, a bit prolific.  The reaction from several folks that have seen them is, “time for Scallion Pancakes”.   Yes, what a great idea.  Darienne like the Serious Eats recipe, I have done a bit of merging of that recipe along with one from Bon Appetit, Chew Out Loud and […]

Photo from, a food/cooking blog

Peas, Louise and her vole relatives

Six years ago, before we had given up growing snap peas for sale, vole activity (read eating of pea seeds) triggered the creation of one of our favorite farm Limericks by Liva Coe.  There once was a vole named Louise Who had quite a penchant for peas I planted them thrice Louise said, “How nice!” […]

Louise gobbling up peas - art by Liva Coe