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Everyone Loves LOCAL Spring Salads

We have arrived at that season when local salad greens are no longer a rare, special treat in these cold climates which of course coincides with the weather warming such that one wants to eat lots of lush, fun salads.  Here on the farm, all of the beings love this season.  The farmers get salad […]

At the Farmstand: April 26-May 2

Seasonal highlight of the week: oh, a tie between Claytonia, as it is prolific, succulent and enabling delightfully large salads and Kale-sparagus, truly one of the Spring ephemerals. This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs, plentiful!*   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Beets • Black Currants, frozen • Carrots • Chard, frozen (large […]

Sautéed Kale-sparagus

Sometimes Mari’s ideation gets us in trouble, sometimes it opens great doors.  One year ago, it was the latter and we are excited that the moment in time for Kale-sparagus has arrived. We introduce a Spring ephemeral on the farm – Kale-sparagus.  Tender, succulent, delicious fast growing shoots of the Kale plant heading to flower. […]

Claytonia, a Delightfully Lush Spring Salad Green

Claytonia is the succulent green which is part of our Spring salad offerings. It is known as miner’s lettuce in the west — any of you who spent time hiking or camping in the mountain west may have even foraged wild claytonia.     According to a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, “100 grams of miner’s lettuce—about […]

Tomato Pesto Frittata

A little flashback of a recipe Penelope made for us years ago that somehow never got published.  This grey, snowy, icy Spring when many are dreaming of summer seemed like just the moment.  A touch of summer flavors while we are waiting for Spring and Summer. Whipped this up the other day for farmer lunch […]

At the Farmstand: April 19-25

We see Spring in the lovely claytonia that is abundant with lush leaves and stems with some crunch making gorgeous salads. This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs, plentiful!*   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Beets • Black Currants, frozen • Braising/Stir Fry Mix • Carrots • Chard, frozen (large bags) • […]

At the Farmstand: April 12-18

Perhaps this will be the last week of mud season?  We are hoping based on the forecast.  Fresh pizzas will be available this week and fresh greens.  Claytonia is the abundant salad green, so order that is you want lots. This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs, plentiful!*   Fresh/Stored Veggies & […]

Thanks be to the Sugar Makers

That is to the Maple Sugar Makers.  Sugaring season is sometimes short, sometimes long, always weather dependent and such a clear marker of the transition between Winter and Spring.  We are both thankful to not have good maples on our property to tap and for all those near us that do!         […]

Red Velvet Brownies

Adapted from Vegetarian Times This is always a favorite and perhaps this end of winter/beginning of Spring temps and sugaring season make a warm mug of maple milk and a red velvet brownie seem like the perfect treat, here is this farm favorite!   To those of you who haven’t yet sampled these gems at […]

Bright New Provisioning Possibilities

Back in January a malfunction in our farmstand freezer dimmed our mood and subsequently made shopping in the farmstand a bit like a treasure hunt! Upgrading it had been on the to do list but we were flat-footed or on our heels in terms of readiness to address the domino effect of researching, rewiring, and […]