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Who’s Living in our Barn?

Our dry lumber resides in a corner edge of our South barn, resources for future projects. Plenty of open space is left for this winter’s mixed group of gilts (future sows) and “market” pigs.   But this particular sounder of swine or passel of hogs appears to have neighbors who have channeled some good-sized tunnels […]

At the Farmstand: January 18-24

‘Tis the season for colorful root veggies and treats that have been canned and frozen and the farmstand is abundant with them! The long siege of sub-zero weather took a toll on our hoophouse greens so this will not be the most abundant January for fresh greens. But as the days get longer and sunnier, […]

Pumpkin Soufflé

  Fancy appearance, yet really easy.  And a fun, light treat.  They are pitched as dessert, but they are so light they could be anytime.  Or you could go purely savory with a carrot soufflé. (And use the entire egg!)   1.5 cups pumpkin purée (or squash purée) 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tsp each of […]

Pumpkin souffle


Nope, not the gum.  But our hoophouses are once again quite bubblicious, meaning that enough snow, ice and grapple have been freed from the outer plastic to allow the air to flow once again between the 2 layers of plastic and create a protective bubble of air that helps snow slide and not build up. […]

At the Farmstand: January 10-16

The farmstand is still stocked with lots of delightful treats to keep you warm and cozy and the egg shortage is officially OVER, so eat away! Some frozen greens with more fresh to come, but due to the long siege of cold and the not-so-sunny forecast for this week, we don’t anticipate being able to […]

Vermont Agritourism

Times Argus story and video Full Story at:


Happy New Year!  While you are hiding out from the Nor’easter and artic chill heading back to the Northeast we offer you two interesting points to ponder and perhaps to fuel your 2018 resolutions. Agritourism Consider a farmstay this year, with us or at another farm.  Check out this nice article and video from the […]

At the Farmstand: January 4-8

Happy New Year! And what a cold start to 2018.  The extended cold along with the grapple-snow-ice on the hoophouses isn’t allowing us to harvest this week.  But the plants are holding steady looking forward to longer, sunnier, warmer days (all of that is coming we presume). But the farmstand is still stocked with lots […]

On Miracles and Resolutions

Many global traditions celebrate the sun and light in this season of darkness. Among the many miracles you may choose to celebrate in these weeks, choose also to be in awe over the miracle of fresh local winter greens!                   Today’s glorious and rare bluebird December sky […]

At the Farmstand: December 21-Jan 2

Happy Solstice!  The days may be short, but hopefully that allows for some additional time for long, slow cooking meals and the farmstand is stocked and ready for that as well as for those quick meals one needs as you prepare for the holidays. The farmstand is now restocked with Maple Breakfast Sausage, Christmas Sausage […]