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Corn is getting bigger!

This photo shows both our excitement about this year’s experiment with the Native American Three Sisters companion approach (Corn, Beans & Squash)  and are thankfulness that our sprayer for foliar feeding is finally working.  Nice work on pump replacement Mari.   So the corn is looking good so far, but we’ll see what happens.  Today […]

At the Farmstand: July 20-26

Some lovely fresh garlic and basil this week to enjoy as well as Black Currants and some Field Stone Farm Raspberries!   This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs (limited to members)   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Basil! • Broccoli, Frozen • Beet Greens w/ baby beets (Field Stone Farm) • Black […]

Creamy Basil Dressing

The basil is gorgeous and prolific and this may be my new favorite dressing.  There are definitely variations possible depending on your mood and ingredients on hand! We taste tested a few at farmer lunch and settled on a hybrid, which will be part of our Summer Farm Dinner!   Ingredients 1 cup packed fresh […]

At the Farmstand: July 13-18

Little by little some of the summer veggies are ripening.  The tomatoes and peppers aren’t ready yet, but lots of young fruit on the vine!  We have some new options this week from our fields and from our friends at Field Stone Farm! This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs (limited)   […]

Kale Salad

A few summers ago I really embraced Kale Salad.  I must admit I was a kale salad skeptic at one point, and I like kale.  But now, I am a full convert. Seems it might be time to start my Kale salad binging again.  Crisp, yet tender and it just feels like I must be […]

A Needed Spot of Joy

It has been a hard week for many farmers in Vermont due to the flooding last weekend.  It does pain us to see images of flooded pastures and crop fields, knowing how much work has gone into those areas this spring and early summer.  We feel fortunate to be only dealing with the volume of […]

Fava Beans with Onion & Mint

Adapted from Gourmet Magazine & Epicurious INGREDIENTS 3 cups peeled shelled* fresh fava beans (2 1/2 pounds in pod) (fresh ones may not need to be peeled) 1 teaspoon plus 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 2 medium onions or scallions, chopped Fine sea salt Generous handful of mint, roughly chopped (about 1/2 cup) PREPARATION Cook […]

At the Farmstand: July 6-12

Welcome to July!  Been some crazy weather, but the farmstand is stocked, this week with a little help from our friends at Field Stone Farm as well! Garlic Scapes…yes summer veggies are coming along! This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs (limited)   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Broccoli, Frozen • Carrots • […]

New Friends and Colleagues

Friends and colleagues really do add so much to everyone’s life, right?  True here on this farm too.  And we wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of our the farm’s newest friends and colleagues, who are making this effort possible.   Rose Thackeray – Newest farmer addition Rose joins us having just graduated […]

Connie’s Rhubarb Bread

An extended family favorite.  Mari’s mom, Connie, used to make this and then after she died, a local Rutland baker (and institution) Baba à Louis started making it and now Ruth, Erling’s partner, is a reliable source for this early summer quick bread.  Now that Rhubarb is thriving on the farm, I guess it is time […]