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Photo of the Week

Some of our more enthusiastic young shoppers getting their veggies at the farmstand! We love sending our healthy, fresh veggies home with everyone, but it does warm our heart an extra bit to be feeding lots of young growing kids. Thanks Zoe, Graham and Becca & Nathan too!  

zoe with greens in farmstand

At the Farmstand: April 20-26

Spring Salad Greens are PLENTIFUL!  Salads at every meal, don’t underestimate the potential for a breakfast salad.   Our favorite new salad topping…frozen blueberries and we are restocked from Spotted Dog Farm. Our road has more rutted spots.  Not bad if you have clearance, challenging if you don’t so feel free to place an order and […]

spring salad with flowers and currants

Turkey & Spinach Curry: Mark Bittman

Photo by Evan Sung for The New York Times Curry…what a nice way to celebrate these longer, yet still crisp days.  And if you have leftover turkey or chicken, what an easy meal! You can cook turkey just for this meal or roast a turkey breast or thighs and use the leftovers.  Would also work […]

Photo by Evan Sung for The New York Times

Green, a popular color

This week, farm life, is brought to you by the color green. Granted we can’t really see any green in our outside fields yet…just the very first hint where the snow has melted.  And of course where the first chervil plants are poking is that time of year! But we are flush with green […]

pureeing spinach

Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

                Several years ago Passover and Easter also overlapped while our dear farm friends (and fantastic cooks) the Bailey-Cohens were visiting.  We hit lots of holiday highlights including Liz chiefing this great soup — whether you are celebrating Passover or just seeking some delicious comfort food, this will […]

matzo balls cooking in stewing hen broth

At the Farmstand: April 13-19

Happy Easter and Passover for all those celebrating and Happy Mud season to all!  Beautiful Stewing Hens, leg of goat roasts and delicious pasture-raised hams of all sizes. And of course LOTS of lovely salad mixes for the traditional Spring holiday salad or to go with the fresh batch of Field Stone Farm Pizzas that […]

spicy salad greens

Dreaming of Summer Fruit

This has been a week to get further inspired about our maturing orchard.  Yes, we do have a small orchard.  Our farmstand offerings have been modest thus far, a few offerings of fresh apples, plums & currants, applesauce, plum sauce, black currant coulis, elderflower tea and a few other specialized items. But our (and the orchard’s) […]

our plums

At the Farmstand: April 6 -12

April brings plentiful greens, time to enjoy despite the snow outside. LOTS of kale this week, clearing some of the overwintered kale to make room for other plants and a new Spicy Salad Mix!   This week at our Farmstand you can find: • Eggs   Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs • Arugula • Beets • […]

kale in farmstand

Saag Gosht

Greens are in a great abundance for this recipe in the next few weeks.  We had heard the description of this recipe for a several years from one of our Farm Share members and it always sounds so good. Last year, Molly typed it up during spring greens season.  Here it is back, just in […]

Saag gosht goat green stew  from Molly

Back to the Farm Room

This week included some time back in our farm processing room.  The results are tasty and satisfying.  We have let the room be quiet for some time this winter to allow farmers time to rest, reflect and get to some other projects. But it has been calling, promising more sausage, soups, pickles….and we answered the […]

roasted carrot soup packed in farmstand