Summer Grazing

There are few things more delightful as a livestock farmer than the sweet sounds (which are often very quiet) of animals enjoying new pasture.  Even though it happens every few days on our farm, it still warms my heart every time.   We captured in pictures and video of some of those moments from Sunday morning’s moves where goats and pigs were doing some important work to keep the perimeter fence clear. (click on photos for video)

goats grazing in brushy fence edge

The goats on new pasture are often the most dramatic, as they get quiet.  They have stopped their begging & pleading and all you hear is the soft sounds of chewing and footsteps…ah….peaceful!






The turkeys are super satisfying, as they only make this noise when let into new pasture.  We call it their happy turkey noise…and off they go seeking out long blades of grass, snails and whatever else they can find. 



The pigs are curious about new spaces, exploring…perhaps trying to figure out where will be a good digging or napping spot. 




annapurna on rock goat

And then there is Annapurna, who on Saturday morning decided to use her agility and the rocks at hand to get those higher willow leaves!