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Who’s Living in our Barn?

Our dry lumber resides in a corner edge of our South barn, resources for future projects. Plenty of open space is left for this winter’s mixed group of gilts (future sows) and “market” pigs.   But this particular sounder of swine or passel of hogs appears to have neighbors who have channeled some good-sized tunnels […]

Summer Grazing

There are few things more delightful as a livestock farmer than the sweet sounds (which are often very quiet) of animals enjoying new pasture.  Even though it happens every few days on our farm, it still warms my heart every time.   We captured in pictures and video of some of those moments from Sunday morning’s […]

What is in a Name?

Names tell us apart, something about our past and where we come from.  The power of a name has long been immortalized in literature as well as religion.  While the names on our farm might not have such deep context, they do allow us to know when an animal was born, track ancestry and help […]

Above and Beyond

While our snowfalls haven’t been worthy of news, the farm is a winter wonderland. The deep snowpack has a lovely layer of powder on top. Persistent cold temps have made extra hay and straw bedding necessary. (Working digestive tracks are the ruminants’ internal furnaces). Who remembers the scene in the Laura Ingalls Wilder book (not […]

Cycles of Life

These cycles of compost and plants and our animals lives are amazing.  This week we anticipate two notable points on that continuum.  Goat kids should be arriving any moment with their bouncy enthusiasm and curiosity about their new world.  They always bring smiles to those nearby. This week we will also say goodbye to two pigs […]

Thoughts from Temple Grandin

Last weekend, many of us farmers listened as Dr. Temple Grandin talked about animal behavior, animal welfare and the farm and slaughter system. Her achievements are notable and her wisdom and insight are both remarkable yet somehow so simple. Her comments reminded me of why we manage our farm the way we do and inspired […]