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Dreaming of Summer Fruit

This has been a week to get further inspired about our maturing orchard.  Yes, we do have a small orchard.  Our farmstand offerings have been modest thus far, a few offerings of fresh apples, plums & currants, applesauce, plum sauce, black currant coulis, elderflower tea and a few other specialized items. But our (and the orchard’s) […]

“Blessing Up the Earth”

The melt-out happened quickly and the soundscape of the farm has changed. Rain on the roof. Killdeer reclaiming their turf. Wood frogs breeding in the pond. Birds. So many birds singing. Hearing all these sounds again at the same time as we again smell earth makes Earth Day’s timing brilliant. Speaking of brilliant and honoring […]

A Line in the Sod

While Jemima Puddle Duck has been busy rearing Snø, Snell and Isobar, Ramona Quimby and Amelia Bedilia, our other two sows, have been renovating the northeast pasture. Prior to the nor’easter we expanded them through the inner perimeter fence that is usually our crop insurance from their incredible snout-plows. We told them of our intent […]

New Beginnings

Spring and its new beginnings are blooming at the farm.   This past week has seen several new beginnings including: potatoes, tomatoes, peas and the first carrots in the ground!  Glance into the near hoophouse (that just a few weeks ago housed goats and hens) to enjoy the site of tomatoes happily in the ground! […]