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May Days

Thursday… volunteers bolstered our reserve and helped us gain more road frontage back from chervil and more progress was made on Saturday. Thanks Liz, Martha and Molly! More folks are coming this Thursday, do join if you can (for any sliver or chunk of time from 3:30-6:30. Spring abundance brought a bright array of greens […]

Swarms in the Making

As last week’s newsletter indicated, it is chervil season. Unfortunately this intimidating invasive plant (See the Vermont website for an overview), is marching toward early flowering and seeding — on the same timeline as planting out annual vegetables, getting animals out on pasture, amending the orchards, etc. So if anyone wants an excuse to […]

Plants Rule the World

Chervil stole 40 or so hours from us this Spring and the last two as well. We give it time rather than acreage.  Central Vermont is an epicenter for the invasive Wild Chervil   which has a root shaped like a carrot.  It has aggressively spread along roadsides and into valuable hay land and pastures. […]

New Arrivals!

It has been a busy week of arrivals! From Green Mountain Heritage Farm we picked up the newest Green Mountain Girls  –  three piglets that will be our new breeding stock.  They are only 6 weeks old now, cuteas buttons, but will become our future sows!  They are in the upper barn but about to […]