Baby Animal Alert!

For the past week, one lucky lady has been the center of many a farm discussion. While she was lounging in the sun, getting back scratches from farmers, and out nibbling on grass, we were all asking–when is Takamba going to kid? As her due date came and went, we began checking in on her often, not wanting to miss our first Boer doe’s kidding lest she pull a fast one on us. She had been showing signs of impending birth for days, but alas, no immediate labor activity. Anticipation was building, but Takamba provided no release.

Of course, as soon as Mari and Laura stepped off the farm for a parasite seminar, Takamba felt it was time.

We won’t write off women’s intuition quite yet, though, as her birth went smoothly. Liva and Lauren were holding down the fort that evening, and though they were initially nervous about a potentially dangerous kid position (breach), Takamba was able to deliver two healthy kids with all but a minor hand from Liva. A boy and a girl, 11 and 9 lb.s, respectively.  Photos are up on our facebook if you haven’t seen them yet, and if you feel inspired, consider this your call to action for brainstorming two more mountain names!  Individual peaks, ranges, volcanoes, we’re taking all the suggestions you’ve got.

We do have two more Boer does in the kidding queue, too, so don’t limit yourself with those name ideas, and stay tuned for updates and pictures as they come.



Not to be outdone, the poultry team has the farm all a-chirp of late, with 89 new fluffballs: chicks! Laura and Lauren picked them up this past Monday, bright and early at the post office, where Wayne, the postman, had kindly gone the extra mile to check and make sure they had all survived their trip alright. They are taking to their new pad in the milking barn just fine, acclimating to the farm before they venture out to pasture in a week or so.

This week will be a great time to visit them, so feel free to pop your head in the milking barn on your next farm stand run. If you don’t get the chance to see them in person, we’ve got a clip of them on our facebook, the “chick cam”, to check out.