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Eat Your Greens…and Flowers!

  This week you can jazz up your salads with some beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers.                 We had a great time harvesting some with Chef Lee Duberman for Ariel’s Restaurant Week Menu (Yep they are back from Mexico and OPEN!).  You can get them there as well as […]

lee picking mizuna salad flowers

Ode to Fall Veggies

I must admit, I am such a four season gal.  As each new season shows its colors, scents and weather, my spirits brighten.  There is so much hope at the beginning of each season – hope for things either not achieved or not achievable in the season that is ending.  Fall is no different for me. […]


Carrot Harvest

The harvest of the storage carrots has begun and they are gorgeous!  It seems some of our changes this year are paying off including the bed shaper, biochar and foliar feeding. Carrots are one of those elusive ones during the growing season. Not only are they underground, but due to carrot rust fly they also […]

darienne harvesting carrots

Brrr! Now that is wintery!

Ok, yes, we could be considered a bit weather obsessed.  We all check the weather multiple times a day, have our various favorite info sources for different bits and are ALWAYS wishing we could just see what was coming a bit further ahead.  Alas, the life of input-junkie farmers with a diverse portfolio to coordinate […]

cold forecast Novemer

All Hands on Deck!

Andrew started his Monday morning by revving up the 29 horses! He and the orange Kubota circled out to various fields with various implements, clipping the grasses and weeds on the edge of gardens… all have kept fast growth through August, coaxed on by nice rains and plenty of sunshine. Later it was the potato […]

Jenga warming up with a local bloody mary, artwork by Anna Svagzdys


Harvesting Picking Digging Washing Prepping Canning Drying Blanching Freezing Weeding Seeding More Weeding Picking Pests Feeding Watering Milking Closing in Poultry Opening up Poultry Picking Fence Setting Fence Moving Animals Touring Cleaning Documenting Eating…alot and Sleeping, hard! That is what our August farmers days are like…..   It creates tired farmers and LOTS of great […]

Kitchen group in greenhouse