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Women’s (including farmers) History Month

March is Women’s History Month and Vermont’s Agency of Agriculture took the opportunity to recognize all of the large number of women farmers in our state…including us!   Almost a quarter of Vermont’s farm owners/managers are women, notably more than the national average. Vermont’s Secretary of Agriculture, Anson Tebbetts said, “Women play a critical role […]

Experiencing the Artisanal En Vacances

The 2016 growing season plan included factoring in our niece Chloe’s graduation from high school in Paris. Her peers selected her as class speaker and her inspired remarks are now embedded in the rich mosaic of old world impressions we carry home. We sought an inspirational plug-in and we return electrified by a wonderful mix […]

Chorizo Tacos

Tacos offer wonderful tastes and SO much flexibility!   Our own pasture-raised pork transformed into link chorizo sausage by Green Mountain Smokehouse offers an quick and EASY way to some delightful tacos.    Add to that the newly available LOCAL corn tortillas made in Warren by All Souls Tortilleria and it is a local delight. […]

Mulching…with bigger tools

So, we had some frustration, satisfaction, laughs and hope as we used a hay mulcher to tuck in all of the brassicas.  The frustration, new tool, how to blow hay over young plants without hurting them.  Satisfaction as it all got mulched beautifully.  Laughs, well look at the photos.  And hope that this will mean […]

Finding Gratitude

Sometimes it takes some occasion – be it a holiday or world events or losses to make us stop in our tracks and to pull ourselves out of the daily grind and routines. Stimulus helps us lift our heads up and notice life, our surroundings, and the world a bit differently.   In these moments we remember what […]


Some say the secret to a great dish is in the sauce. Those who study nutrient density say it’s in the soil. We know the secret is in the farming, in nurturing relationships — with our neighbors and natural systems, between our animals and our customers. This week the magic was once again in collaborating […]

Sharing Risk and Bounty: Community Supported Agriculture

A neighbor recently expressed how much she likes driving by, and seeing the farm develop over time. “I like it so much I probably should be paying for it!” Mari joked “It may come to that!” We glance back at our logo. Five seasons into “farming relationships”, our herds and flocks continue to spread fertility […]


Thursday’s taco supper gave many of us in the farm community a chance to bask in the glow of the awesome abundance of August. Sky, mountainsides, fields and flowers echoed the beauty of the buffet. Happy hen “I laid an egg” sounds punctuating great conversations. Babies, elders, foodies, farmers, neighbors and New Yorkers gathered with […]

Getting Closer as We Grow the Farm

Some of our favorite farmers and mentors advise you can’t afford to take a struggling piglet away from a sow for intensive care. We know it is futile to try to care for a piglet if it was not able to get some of the sow’s first milk, the colostrum, with its special antibodies. Our […]


Introducing our new logo!We hope our logo will help us extend our invitation to share our farm wider than word of mouth! Soon to follow will be our new website which will allow easier access to what is for sale each week and news from the farm. It will also better express our offers for […]