You are our Sun and Sparkle!

 – A Love Letter to Farm Supporters

We tried to write you a sonnet.

Something to capture the joy we find in our hearts which comes when you tell us about cooking, eating or enjoying the farm’s food. Some way to express our heart’s deep thanks for all of you who make this farm dream fly.

Somehow conveying the disbelief that two hundred forty weeks streaked past since we began? Noting our growth and what we’ve learned and accomplished together. A beautiful love poem, written here, capturing the essence of the farm’s love.

We got as far as the notion that perhaps together we are like a comet. You, our community, are our sun. You light up our core (comprised of beasts, gardens, barns and farmers) and our tail (comprised of you, our followers and supporters, individuals who each sparkle).  Together we bring dynamism and change to the night sky that is our food system.

Somewhere along the years our society’s food production plunged off course. We’ll need to practice empathy and forgiveness to muster understanding and reform conventional practices. We’ll need to flirt, invite and hand-hold to bring others into restorative agriculture.

Meanwhile, we need to thank you for the forgiveness and empathy you’ve already practiced with us as we’ve stumbled through start-up. After all, the farm is your young love!

As the farm matures and looks forward, we hope to grow old with you! For this moment we celebrate our reciprocal and ongoing gifts to each other, breathing more life back into Vermont’s hills and our planet, more hope into our mutual quests for peace and more nutrition to bolster us as we love on!

We hope you can join us for supper and concert or be with us in spirit on Valentine’s Day.

We appreciate you and thank you for the love you share with us.


Green Mountain Girls Farm