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Mexican Slaw

Late summer just asks for tacos.  This colorful slaw has been a big hit at Taco Nights! It makes full use of the abundance and diversity of late summer veggies. Ingredients 10 medium carrots, shredded 1 large cucumber, julienne 1 summer squash, julienne 1 red pepper, julienne 1 green pepper, julienne 1 jalapeno pepper, minced […]

Hasselback Potatoes

Looking for something new to add to the holiday table or just a festive, but easy new way to serve potatoes, or sweet potatoes?  Look no further – this recipe transforms your everyday potato into something magical with minimal prep.  These have become a favorite of many over the past few years. Some call them crispy […]

Oh thy beautiful Peppers!

                  The peppers have been loving these sunny days and now nearly all varieties are ripe. To help you navigate pepper world, here is a guide to this year’s pepper varieties.  Enjoy their beauty and taste…while they last!   Sweet Bell Peppers:           […]

Loving thy Heirloom Tomato

We have now started full-on tomato season.  For most people, they are the star of the summer veggies and we all have our favorites. We choose our varieties primarily on taste.  We mostly grow heirlooms for that reason.   We are small, harvest often and can get them beautifully vine ripened and then directly to […]

Pick Your Own Herbs & Enjoy

This week we open the pick-your-own herb garden!  Most of the garden is on the near side (West side) of the main garden,  just follow the signs past the pond.   The herbs & edible flowers currently ready include Anise (licorice flavor), Chamomile, Lovage (celery flavor), Mint, Oregano, Thyme, Summer Savory (mix of rosemary & […]

Grilled Country Ribs with Summer Savory Mustard Marinade

Marinated ribs on the grill make for a hearty and quick summer supper. They are a perfect showcase for a flavor you might not be familiar with; summer savory, more commonly known as savory, is is a characteristic ingredient in Herbes de Provence and a great seasoning for grilling.  Ingredients: 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon […]

Pickled Eggs

  With our current egg surplus, eggs have again become a central part of every meal on the farm and we have all been rejoicing at the return of the hard-boiled egg snack. Perfectly sized to tide you over and packed full of good nutrition, keeping hard-boiled eggs on hand is a no-brainer. Still, removing […]

Fried Green Tomatoes

As the end of the tomato season begins and the plants undergo their natural senescence (assisted or not) we have lots of green tomatoes! Fried green tomatoes are tasty and quick to make (and great with hot sauce) – take some firm ones home and they’ll last all week. Ingredients 3 large green tomatoes 1 […]

Moving Parts

Celsius and Farenheit, along with mom Amelia moved out to pasture to join the other pigs this week Not only are the animals on the move this week as they always are, but the farmers are too. With Laura and Mari off to a family graduation (of part-time farmer nephew Noah), the rest of the […]

A=RKLSCP and Other Farm Products

In the coming weeks the rhythm on the farm will change as kidding and planting ramp up. We are looking forward to the joys that the growing season brings but are also feeling the pinch of its oncoming tide; soon our days will be full of “farm work” and the time for planning and analysis […]