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Fried Green Tomatoes

Fresh ripe tomatoes are generally the stars of the tomato show, but green tomatoes have their own special value.  We don’t have the volume that comes at the end of the tomato season, but plenty for a nice treat! Fried green tomatoes are tasty and quick to make (and great with hot sauce) – take […]

Green Tomato Cake

This recipe came from the Farley’s and it is not only a great use of lots of green tomatoes, but a delicious spice cake.  So delicious that another member, Becca, of Two Potters made at least 5 one year for the Studio Tour open house.  And I believe they got gobbled up.  You can also chop […]

Fried Green Tomato Parmesan from Christie’

From (Real Food. Real Life. It ain’t always pretty) Jaska, who has been processing TONS of tomatoes for us turned us on to this recipe. The recipe author notes, “The resulting Parmesan was tangier than the eggplant version and had a firmer texture. Unlike eggplant or ripe tomatoes, green tomatoes don’t break down very […]