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Zanahorias Aliñadas (Marinated Carrots)

‘Tis the season for roots and with the sometimes busy & chaotic nature of the holiday season it is always nice to have a dish that is meant to be served at room temperature.  We first made this dish several years ago as part of a Tapas Farmhouse Lunch we served to a group from […]

Chorizo Tacos

Tacos offer wonderful tastes and SO much flexibility!   Our own pasture-raised pork transformed into link chorizo sausage by Green Mountain Smokehouse offers an quick and EASY way to some delightful tacos.    Add to that the newly available LOCAL corn tortillas made in Warren by All Souls Tortilleria and it is a local delight. […]

Pickled Eggs

  With our current egg surplus, eggs have again become a central part of every meal on the farm and we have all been rejoicing at the return of the hard-boiled egg snack. Perfectly sized to tide you over and packed full of good nutrition, keeping hard-boiled eggs on hand is a no-brainer. Still, removing […]

Canning has Begun

August is here, which means abundance!   It also means working with that abundance to ensure plenty of delicious food throughout the fall and winter.   Food preservation has begun in earnest and with a splash.  We are happy to have itinerant pickler, Jaska Bradeen, from Sheep and Pickle Farm back with us a few days a […]