Canning has Begun

August is here, which means abundance!   It also means working with that abundance to ensure plenty of delicious food throughout the fall and winter.


Food preservation has begun in earnest and with a splash.  We are

happy to have itinerant pickler, Jaska Bradeen, from Sheep and Pickle Farm back with us a few days a week to turn help us turn our vegetable bounty into delightful treats.

We started with a splash of Dilly Beans, Dill Pickle chunks, trays of dried tomatoes and a vat of Baba Ghanoush.  Which is being closely followed by hot sauce, pepperoncini and frozen beans.  Fortunately the temperatures are moderate as yesterday we had the “new” stove (formerly charged with making caramel at Fat Toad Farm) cranking for both roasting eggplant and canning pickles.

It is both a joyous time — the colors, smells and satisfaction of seeing

the pantry items stock up; and an exhausting one as yet another 30 lb crate of veggies come in seeking a transformation into something for the winter.

We try to embrace the abundance without being buried by it, with an emphasis on try.  Laughter helps as does stopping to enjoy a great meal with that abundance.  It is time for fresh salsa, fresh most everything, which we savor and are truly thankful for the delicious, nutrition that we all feel good about how it was raised.

Good luck with your own freezing, canning and fresh eating!