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A Very Green/Verde Day

  Kale Pesto, Spicy Pesto, Mojo Verde, Tomatillos & Salsa Verde….yep all in 1 day and they weren’t small batches. Over 30 lbs of greens and around 150 lbs of tomatillos. All in the effort to transform the fresh abundance of this season into bright, tasty options for the next season.   And it is such […]

Canning has Begun

August is here, which means abundance!   It also means working with that abundance to ensure plenty of delicious food throughout the fall and winter.   Food preservation has begun in earnest and with a splash.  We are happy to have itinerant pickler, Jaska Bradeen, from Sheep and Pickle Farm back with us a few days a […]

We Eat Local because We Can!

As steam rises from the canning pots a satisfying assemblage of jars fills the counter. Like other endurance sports, canning is a bit addictive. And in late August the canning pots, like farmers, get little rest. Batches are getting bigger and we are getting faster. A few days into canning season we’ve already preserved 20 […]

Winter Pantry is Now Open

This week we open the winter pantry. Periodically we have reported on the various items that have been canned, frozen or dried for your eating pleasure this winter. Now the time has come for you to start enjoying them. One of our farm’s missions is to encourage local eating by providing tasty, healthy and sustainably […]