Spam, Sperm and feedback loops

Seth Godin, a vibrant thinker on marketing, says that if your e-newsletter would not be missed by members of your audience, then it is spam!

What do you appreciate about what we share weekly with you from our farm? What would you miss if it went away? What do you want more of?

As we are in our winter planning sessions it is a great time for us to get feedback from you and reorient our efforts to be most relevant to you, our farm flock! Send us ideas, requests, concerns, interests, we’d love your feedback….  Thanks!

Otherwise, it is winter, a cold one at that! Unfortunately that means challenging some of our systems… our “frost free” hydrants have frozen for example. Bummer as it has implications for chores from now well into Spring.


On the upside, many a pest, including the Emerald Ash bore, not yet in our area, are knocked back by these temperatures.  And the sows keep cycling regardless of the weather. So thanks to the UPS Delivery Team and some patience (and cold hands) on our part, a nice mid-western boar, Lamborghini, is trying to make piglets with our sows.  This at least is a short feedback loop, we will know in a few weeks if this round is successful.


We hope you and your infrastructure are holding up!