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Hot and Fueled by Greens

This week was hot, so hot that we’d find the sows starting their day in their mud baths.  I must say, there were moments I was a bit jealous and it was clear they were thinking, “Didn’t we just have snow in the past 2 weeks?”.                   […]

March (kidding) Madness

Welcome to March and all of its madness. This year for some it may be the madness that can come at the not-quite-end of a long, cold, snowy winter.  For others it is all about basketball.  For us, and others like Fat Toad Farm, it is all about kidding or lambing madness. For colleagues…sugaring! Ours […]

View from a Visitor’s Eyes

It is always interesting to see something through someone else’s perspective.  The past several days we have gotten to see the farm through a visitor’s eyes — a visitor on her 4th trip to the farm, though the first with snow on the ground. Enjoy some of Abby’s photos and comments about the farm. “3-4 […]

Dig in Vermont!

Vermont Life says Dig In Vermont “connects the dots between food and tourism”. As Vermonters who purposely explore our state and especially food and farm events, we are still surprised at how often we still learn of new offerings. DigIn VT is an interactive website that connects visitors and Vermonters alike to nearly 400 authentic Vermont food […]

New Arrivals

So many new arrivals this week.  Yes, indeed, piglets have been one of them.  Madison delivered in the wee hours of Friday morning.  While she, and the farmer nurses, have had a rough go of it, she and her 5 piglets are now doing well.  She struggled with her delivery and it had a notable […]