In Praise of Tamworths

We had some snowy arrivals this week. It seems both goats & pigs were waiting until the wintery snow came back to bring their little ones into the world.  Perhaps they are winter lovers, perhaps calming the world was help, perhaps that barometric pressure change…or just luck.  But the birthing has begun, with more to come.

april 26 5 inches snow











Our sow Ramona Quimby delivered her litter in the wee hours as the snow started.  Fortunately the lovely barn and a deep straw nest, and the relatively mild temps keep them all cozy.  Piglets won’t leave the deep straw nest for a few days yet as they start to figure out the world around them.

ramona with piglets in morning rays nursing newborn piglets










Ramona’s piglets were the inspiration for a new poem by 0ne of our members, Cara Armstrong, who is also the Director of Norwich University’s School of Architecture + Art. Thanks to her for sharing this, reminding us of the simple beauty in life, when we slow down to take it all in.

In Praise of Tamworths

                       ramona just after piglet delivery

Deep-sided Ramona’s strong arch of back

curls around her first pigs of spring.

Snow in late April,

snuffling in the hay.



Praise song for the Tamworths,

long of neck, long of leg,

to the milky and protective mother,

to their long snouts and fringed ears.



Praise song for their wide heads

and light jowls,

their dear slightly dished faces

and agreeable disposition.



Praise song for their pale gingery

to dark mahogany skin

and for their golden red coats

whose bristles prevent sunburn.

– Cara Armstrong


The goat kids, piglets, & turkey poults (once they arrive) will be accepting visitors starting next week.  We are hosting three “Meet the New Arrivals” farm tours during this birthing season:  May 5th, May 19th and May 28th.  Check out our events page for more details.