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Welcome the Environmentalists

Our first due date this year for new births was Earth Day, so we thought we should honor that (and our Farm’s strong philosophy) by choosing Environmentalists as the naming scheme for the year. Several inspirational environmentalists, conservationists and ecologists that have made a difference in this world have already been suggested but we need […]

Embracing THIS Vermont Spring?

As farmers we have somehow learned to work with and around the weather.  We obsess over the weather, truly, and sometimes wish, hope and even plead for certain circumstances, though we know it is one of the many things over which we have no control.  This winter has tried the patience and systems of many, […]

Eat, Stay and Be Part of the Farm Experience

Alaina Pinto from Local 22/Local 44 broadcasted live from the farm on March 27th while experiencing a bit of life on the farm. You can also find the pieces on the local Fox/ABC station!         Here are six of the segments she did that share some the farm experiences people can book […]

March (kidding) Madness

Welcome to March and all of its madness. This year for some it may be the madness that can come at the not-quite-end of a long, cold, snowy winter.  For others it is all about basketball.  For us, and others like Fat Toad Farm, it is all about kidding or lambing madness. For colleagues…sugaring! Ours […]

Kids, kids, kids and snow

Scientists have known for a long time that the majestic Himalayas have a dramatic impact on local weather patterns in Asia, but the latest research shows the impact is global in scale, and may even have precipitated the beginning of the ice age 2.5 million years ago. Somehow fitting that Annapurna, one of the Himalyan […]