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Clean Food

We returned home from the BioNutrient Food Association’s Soil and Nutrition Conference spinning with ideas and very optimistic. As if to egg us on, Laura clicked on a NYT op ed by Jacques Leslie entitled Soil Power! The Dirty Way to a Clean Planet. Quoting Dr. Rattan Lal, it read “Putting carbon back in the […]

Health per Acre – Dr. Vandana Shiva

Last weekend Vermont’s Northeast Organic Farmers (NOFA-VT) conference delivered dynamic keynote speakers. We traveled to UVM excited to hear the lauded Dr. Vandana Shiva.  What a treat, in this time of global uncertainty and contention, to listen to her wisdom about our shared future. She focused on the true purpose of farming, which in her mind is providing […]

Monarchs, Milkweed & Movements

We delighted taking a break from a recent batch of curried relish watching a monarch dance outside the farm processing room window. The color of the relish will remind us of this moment when we take in its summery warmth come winter. But with it too will come the burdensome worry for the future of […]

What Matters to You?

Hardy souls made it out to the Farm while snow continued to squall Friday evening. Our town road team did a spectacular job making way for those who could get here to enjoy Scrag Mountain Music’s Valentines concert “the Most Beautiful Waltz”. Mary and Evan again tapped New York based talents who wowed us. Already the farm […]