All in on Carrots

It has been a carrot (and beet) heavy week.  It was time to disturb those lovely, quiet rows of storage carrots and beets and bring them in for eating now and through the winter.  Just a few rows, doesn’t seem like that big of a job, right?

Well, pulling them isn’t too bad, but once they are out of the ground those important growing tops do need to come off.

Often we do this in the field, but the rains this week didn’t allow for that time, so we employed the entire farm team, including the big red dump tractor (known as Snoopy..or Clifford).  From the field to the wash shed, Snoopy not only hauled the carrots but served as a much more ergonomically friendly counter height for trimming the greens off.

When our taller teammate got in the mix, we did tip the height up a bit!


Only thing Snoopy couldn’t do was help Mari with the hours of washing that followed harvest & trimming.  But they look great!  Thanks to all.