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Carrot Steaks

Donna introduced us to these and they are simple and delicious!  There is a lot of flexibility on the spices and herbs you choose what is surprising is how well the spice mix does come through in the finished carrot steak.  Our current massive carrots are perfect this way! There are many variations – we […]

Kale Caesar Salad

Fall kale is the sweetest, post frost, but spring kale is the most tender.  We have even been just chopping the rib/stems up thin and adding them to our kale dishes, whether they are cooked or raw as a salad. Often, we do a vinaigrette with kale (lots of options here), but had a taste […]

Roasted Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash…the squash for when you are in a hurry, for the non-squash lovers and even delightful for those who love to cook for hours.  It is tasty, tender and you can eat the skin! This is a basic roasted delicata rings recipe, which would also be great with some onion chunks roasted with them. […]