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Chard Gratin

We debuted this dish at a farm supper and concert five years ago, and it turned out to be quite a hit and remains one of our event standards.  Creamy chard steaming with sweet onions under a layer of bubbling, browning cheese…need I say more? I have been craving this lately, so made a household size […]

Maple or Caramel Milk

Back in milking season and this warmth calls forth the need for Maple Milk…but hopefully some cool nights coming up will also give us a good reason to have some warm caramel milk.  A great way to celebrate local milk, delightful 2016 Maple Syrup from Brookfield Bees, and Fat Toad Farm’s Sofi nomination caramel for a […]

Leek Bread Pudding

Folks, we’ve got leeks.  Lots of leeks.  And unlike most of our other late fall harvest items, they won’t be sticking around through March, so if you’re a leek lover, carpe allium diem!  Get your stews, gratins, and maybe even holiday-worthy bread puddings going. Makes one loaf. Double the recipe to fit in a 9×13 […]

Roast Pork in Milk

adapted from  Leite’s Culinaria   Donna Farley introduced us to this delicious tradition of slow cooking pork in milk.  There are several variations on this Italian classic, so there seems to be some flexibility.  Key – pork roast, milk, slow cook and then enjoy with the sauce.   A useful tip from the website: “Cooking meat in […]