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New Beginnings

Spring and its new beginnings are blooming at the farm.   This past week has seen several new beginnings including: potatoes, tomatoes, peas and the first carrots in the ground!  Glance into the near hoophouse (that just a few weeks ago housed goats and hens) to enjoy the site of tomatoes happily in the ground! […]

Organic Meetings

We were thrilled to host the NOFA VT(Northeast Organic Food Association) board of directors meeting this week. We know the convenience of our central location is a key decision factor for groups hosting state-wide meetings. We feel lucky to serve such great organizations. And it is as fun to have the farm feed good work […]

Sweet & Sweetness: Sugaring Season Brunch, Workshops & Goat Kid Love

Sunday, March 23rd 9 am to Noon           Brunch, Goat Kid Love and Maple Sugar Candy Workshop & Syrup Demos Join Floating Bridge Food and Farms at our farm for an authentic Sugaring Season Brunch  AND get some goat kid love! Breakfast/Brunch available from 9 am to Noon Enjoy a traditional […]

Growing Something Bigger

It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm. In the fields and pastures we’ve been wrapping up the season and transitioning to winter and while the number of moving pieces is decreasing, each one is becoming more challenging. At the same time we’ve had a lot of other things going on; the first indoor […]

Nov 3rd: Roots Music and Farm Taco Dinner

RED TAIL RING BRINGS ROOTS & TRADITIONAL MUSIC TO THE GREEN MOUNTAIN GIRLS FARM   Sunday, November 3rd,  we will host an evening of music from Americana roots duo Red Tail Ring. Laurel Premo and Michael Beauchamp of Red Tail Ring share a raw blend of original compositions and interpretations of old ballads and dance tunes from Appalachia, including […]

Making the Farm Whole

The farm has been a buzz the past week, not only because it is mid-May and there are plants and animals that want new spaces to grow. We had a weekend packed full of on-farm experiences, providing hands-on (or mouths) activities to engage with and support our farm. This farm aims to create a purposeful blend […]

Dig in Vermont!

Vermont Life says Dig In Vermont “connects the dots between food and tourism”. As Vermonters who purposely explore our state and especially food and farm events, we are still surprised at how often we still learn of new offerings. DigIn VT is an interactive website that connects visitors and Vermonters alike to nearly 400 authentic Vermont food […]

Piglets, Frosts & Friends

We’d seen it in the forecasts and sure enough the cold set in. Jonathan Lipkin, photographer, rolled in from New York (a project in gestation phase) at 6:30 Friday morning. He tagged along as we swarmed to pull in anything too tender to freeze.  The team ticked off items on the list methodically. 175 pounds of […]

Celebrating in Brookfield

We had a spectacular weekend in Brookfield and thanks to all who came out to enjoy music, food and to celebrate 15 years of delightful meals at Ariel’s Restaurant.     We send our deep appreciation for not only the amazing dishes prepared with our local food, but also for Lee & Richard’s amazing generosity with […]

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration comes to us in many forms, some of them predictable, some of them not.  As someone whose work is passion driven, inspiration and motivation and the rekindling of that passion is critical.   When I ran a mission driven non-profit, I would coach my younger colleagues to remember that when you toil hard towards […]