New Beginnings

Spring and its new beginnings are blooming at the farm.


This past week has seen several new beginnings including: potatoes, tomatoes, peas and the first carrots in the ground!  Glance into the near hoophouse (that just a few weeks ago housed goats and hens) to enjoy the site of tomatoes happily in the ground!


Our young orchard is also sprouting new growth – ambitiously pushing forth buds and leaves that will help those plants create currants, elderberries, apples, pears, plums and hazelnuts (if not this year then soon!). The orchard also has plans for some beneficial understory plants taking root.  Orders are in and spaces will soon be prepped to add edible flowers and herbs that bring pollinators and other benefits to the orchard.


The farm also ushered some Norwich graduates towards new beginnings as they celebrated their marriage at the farm enjoying farm fresh hors d’oeuvres and our beautiful pavlova’s, which were ceremoniously cut with a sword as they celebrated in the farmhouse inn with friends and family.

jackie and kyle sword cutting pavlova cakefarm catering spread










farmhouse inn event

wedding bells at farmhouse inn close up






The goats and sows have been asking the pasture to get on with its spring growth so they can get out on pasture, which will happen in the next week as the grass gets a bit taller.  And soon we will be treated to another new beginning – sow Ramona Quimby’s first litter of piglets!


Not to be outshined by the bright greens, the American Toads have joined the pond’s chorus and with the peepers it is as if they are calling to us all to not miss the beauty of spring evenings as well as its days.  May you enjoy them all.