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Bring on the Fall Colors

                    Fall is officially here as is fall foliage.  Our favorite part of the foliage season is when the vibrant reds, yellows and oranges are amidst a backdrop of deep greens.  We have gotten to experience this beyond the trees this week, the same color schemes […]

Seasons and Slow Food: It’s a Blur!

Summery winds and harvest of 55 pounds of beans and 48 pounds of cucumbers make it even more unbelievable that it is October! While we sweat, mess around with irrigating amidst this dry spell and worry about bitty winter greens bolting, John, Laura’s Dad, and the geese head south. They are wise knowing this lovely […]

Thoughts and Theories on Tenderness

Fresh chicken will be available this week and next. Our ambitious friends Bruce, Beth and their team at Maple Wind Farm processed another 60 of our birds. And Monday it will be all hands on deck processing the remaining 160. Hopefully they will be as tender as the birds have been this summer. What makes […]


On Tuesdsay we said goodbye to the first  of this season’s roasting chickens. Most of the team had participated in homestead-scale chicken processing before but, even so, we were in largely new territory and slaughter always brings up a lot of Big Questions. Our process is designed to be as clean, efficient, and dignified as […]

Predators Strike!

We struggle to keep our animals comfortable and thriving. They grow well. It is humane and just. But every once in a while our systems and efforts fail and the safety of our livestock is breached, to serve the comfort and thriving populations of wild animals who neighbor and share the farm. Sunday chores for […]

Hens on Walk About

Clearly, spring has arrived here in Central Vermont. Signs are everywhere: the sun has warmth and strength, snow is melting, the sap is running, new birds at our feeder, the brook is rushing, Geese heading north, muddy roads and our chickens are venturing out from the hoop house. Spring, at least early spring in our […]