A Very Green/Verde Day


Kale Pesto, Spicy Pesto, Mojo Verde, Tomatillos & Salsa Verde….yep all in 1 day and they weren’t small batches.

Over 30 lbs of greens and around 150 lbs of tomatillos.

All in the effort to transform the fresh abundance of this season into bright, tasty options for the next season.   And it is such a wonderful feeling to tuck cases into the freezer and pantry for future meals for us, the farm and all of you.   This week, we tucked some really tasty treats and get-out-of-dodge shortcuts into the pantry/freezer, including a few new treats:

Mojo Verde, summer edition— is like a blast of summer in a sauce.  Many countries have their own take on it and Mari took their good basis and matched what we had in abundance:  Cilantro, parsley, green peppers and garlic…see how can you go wrong.   A few weeks ago she had made a batch and it was a the best go-to for:  making a quick fresh salsa, spreading on meats…any of them, though it was REALLY lovely on a Greenfield Highland Beef Steak, with potatoes and any roasted veggies or to brighten up a bone broth.  I like to call it Mari’s Mojo (but she doesn’t).


Spicy Pesto — made with our Purple Mustard.  Wow — this one is a treat and different.  Who needs that yellow mustard as a sandwich spread?  This is vibrant, mustardy and green!